5 Things You Must Know About Your Ideal Customer - Free Workbook Download

This workbook will get your brain cells fired-up and focused on who the heck your ideal customer truly is. If you want to craft revenue-generating, super compelling, ideal customer-attracting, marketing messages that perfectly articulate what you do for your customers (instead of just what you do) this workbook is your guide.

  • Print-quality pages (that won't use up all your ink)
  • A handy resource that you can use over & over
  • Use it whenever you create marketing copy 

5 Things You Must Know About Your Ideal Client, ideal client, betsy kent, be visible, blog school

The workbook helps you:

  • Define the demographics, lifestyle characteristics and psychographics of the person you want to focus on right now to grow your business 

  • A list of emotional magic words to use in your marketing that will make your ideal customer know you "get her"

  • A place to brainstorm about how your services match-up with your ideal customer's problems and needs
  • A new look at your website and marketing through the eyes of your ideal customer