Why First Dates & Marketing Are A Lot Alike

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Why First Dates & Marketing Are A Lot Alike, Betsy Kent, Be Visible

Imagine you’re on a first date and you are B.O.R.E.D.

The appetizer arrives and you’re already dreaming about getting home to binge-watch your favorite show. Ughh. Those dates are painful.

Why are most first dates so boring? 

Because on first dates most people stick to neutral topics. No one wants to say something that could be a turn-off. But playing it safe is counter-productive; it’s boring! In a study of why most first dates fail, 66% of men said that “she was boring”.

A boring first date is usually an only date. 

But imagine a first date where the conversation is intriguing. Imagine really feeling that your date somehow already gets you. Imagine wishing it would never end. That’s what can happen when both people are brave enough say what they really feel – and stop worrying about the consequences.

I’m certainly not a dating expert, but I know this:

Marketing is a lot like dating. 

Just like being on a first date, most business owners are afraid to take chances with their marketing. They simply don’t want to turn anyone off. But play-it-safe marketing is simply B.O.R.I.N.G.[clickToTweet tweet=”Just like being on a first date, most business owners are afraid to take chances with their marketing.” quote=”Just like being on a first date, most business owners are afraid to take chances with their marketing.”]

Boring doesn’t win you clients.

Every day I look at small business websites and it pains me to say this, but the majority of them are really, really, really boring. Sure, they explain what the business does, but I’m thinking “what will this business do for me?” That’s exactly what your prospects think when they land on your website.

There’s an antidote to boring marketing. Here’s the prescription: 

First, you identify your perfect-fit ideal client in absolutely precise detail and have created a prototype. Next, you open your head and your heart to that person and get to know her or him as well as you do your best friend. Then, you infuse your perfect-fit client into every aspect of your business: your website, your emails, your social media, your speaking engagements, your podcasts…everything! Magic starts to happen…your marketing finally begins to work.

How can you tell if you really understand your ideal client?

Here’s a test, fill in the blank:
My ideal client is:_______________________________________ .

If your description is 20 words or less, then you’re probably churning out first date marketing. You probably don’t understand your ideal client deeply enough to to really connect with him or her.

Identifying your ideal client in precise detail is the key to marketing that’s intrigues, marketing that connects, marketing that inspires. Marketing that wins you clients!

Ideal client identification is the thing that almost every small business has skipped.

That’s why I created a new training called Attract Your Ideal Client. It saves time and heartache by teaching you how to zero-in on only the people who see personal value in you and what you have to offer… (drumroll)…and who are willing and happy to pay you for it.

(By the way, big companies have big budgets for this stuff, but we small potatoes gotta wing-it ourselves.) 

In this training, I’ll guide you through the ideal client identification process. Then you’re going to learn how to craft a magical brand promise for your website that informs your perfect-fit clients that they’re in the right place and that you get them.

That turns website visitors into clients.

But that’s not all! You’re going to discover how to write your marketing in a beautiful ideal-client-centric way. Every time you publish, post or email, your words will be connectors between the people who you are meant to serve, and you.

So, if you’re sick of ho-hum, blah and boring first-date marketing, you’re ready to dig deep and really understand the emotions and motivations of your ideal client.

Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

I've guided hundreds of clients through my signature process and formula and as a result, they’ve generated millions of dollars in new business revenue with more ease and confidence than ever before. THE CHANGE IS MILLIONS.

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