Which Type Of Decision-Maker Is Your Ideal Client?

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If you’re in business, you already know how important it is to be totally clear about your ideal clients and customers. But one thing you may not have thought a lot about is what type of decision-makers they are.  

Don’t feel bad. Most businesses haven’t done a deep dive into different types of decision-makers, either.

I’m gearing up to write content for my new website and I’ve invested in a very intensive website copywriting course because, in this game, you can’t learn enough.

As clear as I think I am about my ideal clients, I’m redoing personas anyway. Everything must be in total alignment if my site is going to do the two things I need it to do:

1. Be my number one salesperson and…

2. Tell my business story in the way that my ideal clients will listen, react, and engage. In other words, say Yes!

I just reached the module about different types of decision-makers and how to engage each of them in website content. The instructor refers to Gene Schwartz, the legendary copywriter, quite a bit in this module. It’s a topic I haven’t touched yet on my blog, so I thought I’d share some of this valuable information with you.

When you think about your ideal client and customer characteristics, it’s helpful to add another insight – what type of decision-makers they are.

You may have heard that most people make buying decisions emotionally then justify their decisions with logic. But some people start with logic, move on to emotion, and then move back to logic again. 

The 4 Types of Decision-Makers

In the simplest explanation, there are four types of decision-makers:

  1. Emotional & Fast-Paced: These folks like to move fast and want to see the benefits laid out in front of them all at once so they can make their decision quickly and move on.
  2. Emotional & Slow-Paced: They need to be touched emotionally right away and find out what other people are saying before they buy.
  3. Logical and Fast-Paced: These are competitive types. They don’t like to waste time and they want to see facts and figures right upfront so they can make an informed, yet quick, decision.
  4. Logical and Slow-Paced: These people are methodical and love to do research before they make a decision. They’re going to comparison shop, and not just for price. But once they make a decision, they’re usually very loyal.

Realizing that within your ideal client and customer personas, there could be more than one type of decision-maker can be really helpful in your marketing, especially around website content and how it’s structured on a page (more on that later). 

I thought it would be a fun exercise to see if you can identify my decision-making style based upon my recent purchase of a new pair of glasses.

What Type Of Decision-Maker Am I?

A few years ago when I lived in Soho in NYC, I bought a pair of French glasses frames at a shop across the street from our loft. They were the most expensive frames I’d ever purchased, but I never regretted it. I loved them!

I got tons of compliments and I even liked the way I looked in them. So much so that I wore them for a headshot:
betsy kent, be visible, website copywriting
I wore them almost every day for about four years. But, alas, a few weeks ago my beloved frames finally gave out – they snapped in half. I was so upset:

type of decision makers, marketing, betsy kent

I wanted a new pair of the same frames but the shop in Soho had closed-up along with so many of our favorite neighborhood businesses (but that’s another story for another time). So, I jumped online to see if I could find the same frames, and I did…

The company in France is still making them and I was just about to click “Buy” when it occurred to me…

I want progressives so I don’t have to switch to my distance glasses when I drive. And, now I want anti-glare for Zoom meetings. Also, to protect my eyes while I’m at my computer, I want blue-light protection. Finally, because I’m rarely as careful as I should be, I need scratch-proof lenses.

When I added it all up I was gobsmacked to realize my new eyeglasses were going to cost me around $1200. (Just between you and me, I am not against spending a lot for something I really want, but $1,200 kinda threw me.)

So, I tried to outsmart the system. I searched the entire web to find those French frames at a lower price. I’m a gorilla researcher – if something’s out there, I will find it.

I started on eBay where I found some frames supposedly made by that French eyewear company, but they were so cheap I suspected they were counterfeit. So, eBay is out. And none of my other sleuthing was successful.


So, I was just about to bite the bullet and spend the $1200 when a friend told me to check out Eyebobs.com. I had looked at online stores but I hadn’t looked there.

Behold! Eyebobs had a frame almost identical to the French ones I loved so much. I ordered them (with all the bells and whistles I wanted) and the total price was…

Only $339!type of decision makers, marketing, be visible





And, I love’em! 

So, Which Type Of Decision-Maker Am I?

Choose one:

  • Emotional & Fast-Paced
  • Emotional & Slow-Paced
  • Logical and Fast-Paced
  • Logical and Slow-Paced

(If you chose logical and slow-paced, you’re right!)

I realize I’m probably not Eyebobs’ ideal customer. I’d venture to guess they prefer to attract people who are logical and fast-paced. But, I’m a very valuable customer because I probably spent more on my glasses than their average customer and I’m going to order a second pair because I am so happy with my first ones. Logical and slow-paced customers can be extremely loyal.

How Understanding Types Of Decision-Makers Can Help Your Business

While you’re getting totally clear about your ideal clients and customers, add another element – the types of decision-makers they are. One type will likely be the most dominant and that’s where you should focus your primary messaging. But, don’t forget the outliers. They may take longer to make a decision but can end up being your most valuable prospects.

Stay tuned for more about the types of decision-makers and how to use the information to craft winning marketing messages.

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