What is Twitter (Again)?

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As promised, here are more definitions of Twitter supplied by my friends, my network, and my followers. It seems as if the fastest growing social media phenomenon of our day is incredibly hard for people to describe. Possibly because Twitter serves so many different kinds of purposes to so many different people.

What surprised me most about this survey is that I received some really negative definitions of Twitter…from marketing people! I didn’t reprint them fearing that out of context it would seem as if they came from me (plus there were some four letter words in many of them!) I certainly can understand people who, because they don’t understand Twitter, are skeptical about it. But marketing people…get real!

That being said, I would love to hear YOUR definition. Here are some more definitions that people sent to me. Any of them ring true to you?

What is Twitter (Again)?

  • An extremely powerful Internet marketing tool when you have an effective Twitter strategy consistent with your overall brand.
  • A filtered real-time human thought custom RSS feed.
  • Both a megaphone and microscope. Just don’t put an avatar with a beautiful bikini model, don’t sell Amway and don’t talk about yourself all damn day.
  • A micro-blogging platform primarily used to provide status updates as to our whereabouts and activities of interest
  • The laziest method of blogging possible.
  • Centralized live news feed, offering followers snippets of information of current information, news, trends, topics, etc.
  • A short-form messaging platform that allows you to publish messages in less than 140 characters through different mediums like desktop applications, cell-phones, and the web.
  • A broadcast medium that is like reading and writing headlines. It is a great way to get to know people and people get to know you – as in all the social communities. I like how fast paced Twitter is and it works with my attention span – getting snippets of news and choosing what you would like to read into more as many people give you links to more detailed information.
  • A  micro-blog that has enabled the formation of a new breed of online communities to grow and exchange information at a faster than ever pace, approaching real time.
  • Twitter transmits twaddle.
  • Broadcasting to the world.
  • The vain of our existence.
  • Electronic stalking for the hyperactive individual.
  • The question should be, how do you, personally, use Twitter?
  • A great line of communication between companies & clients.
  • A way to learn what’s happening and who’s talking right now worldwide. It’s a way to search for and join conversations.
  • A little green ego machine.
Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

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