Client Praise for Betsy Kent and Be Visible

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Sheri McLeod Rose

You are THE BEST!

The work we did to get clear on my customer has been the best thing that I've ever done for my clients. Focusing on my target customer, STAYING IN MY LANE, and not giving in to FOMO less have positioned me to be a better resource for my clients. I am able to focus on what they need and design my own professional development strategy to put myself in a better position to be the expert they want and need. I can't thank you enough!

Mylena Sutton, Voltage Vista


Sheri McLeod Rose

I've worked at agencies who claim to know marketing, sales, how to pitch, etc... Well, those people need an education from Betsy! She blew me away with her knowledge and experience. A talented wordsmith who knows exactly who to target... that's a powerful person you need on your side.

Betsy has helped me stand out... through crafting claims, elevator pitch, brand promise, and more! She's pushed me to clarify offerings and ask myself some really hard questions."

It's like therapy for your business. Get out of your own way and let Betsy help you shine. You won't regret it, I promise.

Ronny Young - Polymath Visuals


ronny young, polymath visuals, betsy kent, be visible
Brian Hegarty portrait

Sheri McLeod Rose

I can’t say enough good things about Betsy and the work she did for my company’s marketing message. Our sales and net revenue have increased by 40% this year and I attribute almost all of that increase to her work.

She has a complete system and went through all our materials, website, and social media to help us get a better focus on who we should be marketing to and how.

We had just had a new website built and Betsy went through it page by page, rewrote the copy, changed photos and layout and we get tons of compliments on it and business from it.

I highly recommend her and will definitely use her again.

Brian Hegarty, A-Plus Powerwashing


Sheri McLeod Rose

Betsy has a unique talent of helping you understand your business in such an inspiring way that ensures you are delivering a dynamic message that instantly attracts your target audience to you like a magnet.

Michelle Hummel - Web Strategy Plus


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Sheri McLeod Rose

We worked with Betsy to "profile" our target audiences (we ended up with three) so as to write content on our new website in the appropriate voice based on those profiles. A very disciplined and systematic process of roughly defining the profiles and then describing them.

Betsy then went out to our sales reps, customer-facing employees, and dealers and validated and tweaked the profiles. Only then did we write content. This process made writing the content for the web pages (and now blog posts, white papers, ad content, etc.) very simple.

Not a painless process, but when completed, we were very, very confident about what we needed to say and to whom. Science and skill winning over superstition and fear. Highly recommend her process and approach.

Jim Vosmik, Everett Industries


Sheri McLeod Rose

With Betsy's help, I have made so much progress. I used to have trouble explaining my consulting business but now clients actually listen and respond. We're working on my website and I feel it all coming together. I only wish I had met Betsy sooner.

Karen Herdina, OPS - Operational Performance Success



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renee matlock, betsy kent, be visible

Sheri McLeod Rose

As a business coach, one of the most beneficial things I did for my business was hiring Betsy. My ideal client, now that I totally get her, moves quickly through the like-know-trust continuum and quickly says, "Yes!" to the coaching journey with me. I now close 80% of my enrollment conversations!

Renee Matlock, The Private Practice Coach

Sheri McLeod Rose

Through her step-by-step process, Betsy was very beneficial in helping us to define our ideal client. Just as beneficial, she helped us to see who not to spend time and effort marketing towards. This has really helped us to refine our messaging and language for all of our website content and social material. We highly recommend working with Betsy to strengthen and refine your content development. We are already seeing the benefits!

Molly Berrens, Spotted Yeti Media

Molly Berrens, Betsy Kent, Covington KY, Be Visible
darren wurz, wurz financial, betsy kent, be visible

Sheri McLeod Rose

If you're going to spend money on marketing, invest it wisely. Working with Betsy is the smartest investment you could make to turn your marketing efforts into profits. I wasted lots of hours and dollars trying to create a message that would appeal to my potential clients. Betsy saved me! She helped me get out of my head and into the heads of my clients to create a message that speaks directly to them and connects with them emotionally and intellectually. I highly recommend her.

Darren Wurz, Wurz Financial Services

Sheri McLeod Rose

Who is your ideal client? It's a basic question everyone thinks they know when they start out on any business venture. Trust me, until you work with Betsy, you don't really know. She will make you drill down until you know where your ideal client shops, lives, and what he or she wants to buy from you. Betsy has been tremendously helpful and my focus on my consulting business is sharp and precise thanks to her!

Anne Maxfield, A. Maxfield Consulting

anne maxfield, betsy kent, be visible
alexia zigoris, be visible, ideal client coaching, be visible, betsy kent

Sheri McLeod Rose

The level of understanding Betsy has for my business is remarkable. She brings a fresh and open perspective which helped me see not only who my ideal customers are, but how to talk to them. Betsy’s genius is helping others craft their message so it truly reflects their story, which, ultimately, is their brand and brand promise.

Alexia Zigoris, Alexia Zigoris Leadership Coaching


Sheri McLeod Rose

Betsy, is a trailblazer! I now have the critical keys to market directly to my most ideal of ideal clients, and then tie it all together in my online and offline marketing. The return on investment from working with her is unshakable.

Nadine Nicholson, Me Jane

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Sheri McLeod Rose

The ideal client model really does work. I would not be where I am in business without the help of Betsy Kent. Her “Ideal Client” model helped me transform my sporadic workflow of random projects into a steady stream of relevant work by targeting new and returning clients who my skills serve best.

Sheri McLeod Rose, Precision Copyediting, LLC

Alana Humphreys

Even though I had done a lot of "ideal client" work, I found myself still struggling to come up with the right words and I couldn't understand why. It wasn't until I took Betsy's program that I figured out my problem. All of a sudden my words and ideas just flowed and I found I had a ton to say, and had lots of ideas for blogs, ads, and products. It is beyond amazing to stop struggling with my words, really develop a connection with my ideal clients, and finally make some great money!

Sara Sherman, Single Moms Ask Sara

sara sherman, single moms ask sara, betsy kent, be visible
Alana Humpreys

Alana Humphreys

I’m really thankful that I was connected to you at the right time and was open to participating in this experience. Having the opportunity to identify who I want to target is going to be extremely instrumental moving forward as an Interior Designer and small business owner. This knowledge will be very beneficial as I re-design my website and marketing collateral. Thank you again for everything!

Alana Humphreys, Alana Humphreys Interior Design

Marilyn Sygrove

My business is now 150% more visible than it ever was before. The feedback and response I get about my website and marketing is overwhelming. It absolutely makes a difference to have the right look, content and consistency. Working with Betsy is a delight!

Marilyn Sygrove, Sygrove Associates Design Group

attract your ideal client, betsy kent
Dr Sinkin

Dr. Michael Sinkin

I can say with confidence that because of Betsy’s approach to marketing I have seen a revenue increase to the tune of 100's of thousands of dollars. I don't know where my practice would be if I hadn't been lucky enough to find Betsy. If you're considering working with her, do it now!

Dr. Michael Sinkin, Michael Sinkin DDS


Liz Glasgow

We hired Betsy to help reduce the confusion on our website and tell the story in a more compelling way. In the last year I can say this work has contributed a huge increase in enrollment in my workshops, print sales and lots of valuable contacts. None of this would have happened without Betsy and her team. We're very glad we hired them and highly recommend Be Visible for anyone who wants to use the web to grow their business.

Alan & Julie Ross, Alan Ross Photography

alan ross photographer, betsy kent, be visible
be visible, betsy kent, michelle langsam

Liz Glasgow

Through her creativity and passion, Betsy helped us develop and implement cutting edge e-marketing campaigns. Her dedication exceeds my expectations every time. I feel honored to recommend Betsy and Be Visible.

Michelle Langsam, Marketing Manager, Edison Properties/Manhattan Mini Storage

Liz Glasgow

Betsy supervised a website redesign that took my online presence to a new level. I can see and feel the difference in the volume of new patients. She is a wonderful person to work with and a true professional.

Dr. Nancy Rosen, DMD PLLC

Nancy Rosen
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

My very first blog post after taking working with Betsy generated more publicity than any for the past three years. I’m thrilled!

Liz Glasgow, The White Cabinet

Karen Goyette

Betsy and her team are the caliber of partner that I have come to depend on. Not just masters of their ever-changing Social Media craft, but understand completely how it best integrates into the more comprehensive marketing mix. Their goal is the client’s goal and they work tirelessly (and very creatively) to get there. It’s rare to find someone so knowledgeable across the broad spectrum of social assets (from Paid Search to Pinterest and everything in between!) be so accessible and responsive. Betsy has been absolutely indispensable to my business teams and a joy to work with!

Karen Goyette, Pres/Managing Dir, GW Hoffman Marketing

Karen Goyette
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Debra Boulanger

Whether you are a one woman show, or leading a mature enterprise, Betsy has the strategic vision and practical know-how to help you leverage the multitude of social and interactive marketing tools to grab the attention of your audience.

Debra Boulanger, GVP End User Programs Marketing, Gartner; founder of “The Great Do-Over”

Elizabeth England

After attending your program, I implemented a schedule for blog posting that has been awesome for our growth. Any company that wants to implement a digital strategy or program would be wise to consult with Betsy ASAP!

Elizabeth England, Marketing Director, Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance


attract your ideal client, betsy kent
Donald Tanenbaum, betsy kent, be visible, bevisible

Donald R Tanenbaum

Fantastic job from start to finish and ongoing. Get’s results and for me that means tons of patient contacts from the web!!!!!

Donald R Tanenbaum DDS, MPH, Tanenbaum TMJ

Donald R Tanenbaum

Betsy has turned me into an expert in digital marketing. She and her team took me by the hand and taught me what I needed to know to get the results I’m looking for online. I feel lucky to have Betsy at my side.

Elizabeth Beskin, CEO, Fifth Avenue Digital

elizabeth beskin

Give me 30 mins and I’ll give you a tip about your ideal customer that will make a difference in your business right now. Schedule below:

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