My Cat Is A Brilliant Marketer

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[This post is from my Tuesday Tips series)

This is my cat, Cocoa. She’s not particularly talented as far as felines go, yet she has developed a very successful marketing strategy.

For real! My cat is a brilliant marketer.

my cat is a brilliant marketer

Every time I go into the kitchen Cocoa follows me, arranges herself into a fetchingly lovely pose, then follows my every move with her eyes. She’s sending me a message, which in English means: “What about me?”

Cocoa repeats this pantomime whenever I walk into the kitchen. Every now and then, however, she breaks her silence to add a heartbreakingly plaintive little mew to her performance. And, I usually relent, even if it’s only to pretend I’m pouring fresh dry food into her bowl.

So, what does this have to do with marketing?

Cocoa has learned that consistency works. By being in my space whenever I’m thinking about food she gets my attention. Her marketing plan succeeds in connecting with me emotionally which reminds me how much I love her and how guilty I feel about not giving her what she really wants (treats).

Sure, I know what Cocoa’s up to, but when I see her yearning eyes and hear that little mew, I listen. 


In business, we have to connect emotionally with our ideal customers to get them to listen to us. And, we must be consistent about it. Whether you engage in social media, blogging, email marketing, print ads, radio ads, networking, etc., the more you are in front of your prospects, the more adept you are at knowing how they feel, and the more you use language that they understand, the better your chances of receiving those delicious morsels of revenue that you’re so hungry for.

Of course, being totally adorable also helps.

So, take it from Cocoa:  Be Consistent. Be Compelling. Be Visible.

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Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

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