Entrepreneurs & Business Owners!

Do you spend too much time on marketing activities that attract the wrong people?
Are you tired of stumbling over your words when someone asks you what you do?
Did you invest money and time into your website but you don’t want to send people there?

If this describes you, then read on...

Here’s the truth.

No matter how much email marketing, social media posting, and networking you do, if you don’t have a crystal clear definition of your ideal client or customer then you don't have a marketing message that resonates with her.

I'm Betsy Kent and I've been an internet marketer for over ten years.

When I decided to launch my first virtual course, I was really excited. For ten years I honed an approach to small business online marketing that was working like a charm for my private clients. I wanted to teach my approach other entrepreneurs and business owners so they could do it themselves. I got all the right marketing materials ready. I did webinars. I advertised on Facebook.

I had 40 sales conversations set up! What could go wrong?

Well, a lot went wrong. I enrolled only two people!

I was distraught. My big bet...the one that was going to let me move from running an agency to serving more people...was it a big mistake?

And then it hit me. The only thing wrong was this:

I was talking to the wrong people!

That's when I jumped into action. I created an ideal client identification formula that was more detailed and precise than anything I found online for free. I discovered who my ideal client really is and then I infused her into everything I was doing for my business:

I created my first real brand promise and put it on my website.
I composed a new elevator speech that falls trippingly off my tongue.
I changed my marketing strategy to speak to only her.

And enrollment exploded...almost like magic.

It can happen to you.

And I want to help.

I created a mini course all about your ideal client.

It's called The Ideal Client Identification Solution and it starts this fall!

Listen. Your business isn’t about you.

It’s about her. Your ideal client.

If you’re thinking…this Betsy person is making some sense, let's fast-forward to the the middle of October...

(link here to set up an ideal client appointment with me now:

Imagine that you already know what words to use in your emails and marketing that will make your ideal client say: “OMG, this person gets me!”

Imagine that you have an elevator speech that falls trippingly off your tongue and gets this response: “I know someone who needs you!” or even better “I need you!

Imagine that your website is doing a beautiful job of standing-in for you when you can’t be there (and all it took was adding a little bit of text).

It’s not hard. It’s a mindset. It’s about infusing your ideal client into everything you do for you biz. And you can learn how to do it...FAST!

I spent the last year perfecting an Ideal Client training and it's open for Fall.

The Ideal Client Identification Solution 

If you already know your ideal client as well as you know your BFF, then this isn’t for you.

But if you are ready to free yourself from conversations that go nowhere and clients you have to lower your pricing to land, then this training is for you!

Wanna talk? Just link here and set up an appt. with me. This class may or may not be right for you. Let’s find out.

Link here to set up your appointment:

"Betsy’s insight into the mind of an ideal client is something unique. I can honestly say that my approach to


my business has changed dramatically since working with her. I am more confident and it shows."

Sarah Richardson, Rise & Shine, Vt.

In this short and powerful 4-week course you will learn how to create your ideal client or customer prototype.

Next you'll develop your unique brand promise - a few carefully chosen lines of text to use on your website and in all your marketing. It's the one thing that in a split-second will make your ideal client or customer know that you get her.

Finally, you'll nail your elevator speech. No more stumbling over your words when someone asks, "What do you do?" You'll always know exactly what to say to make those few seconds really count.

“I learned how to identify and think about my ideal client in a whole different way. As a result, I am now framing messages much more effectively.

Since completing the class just two months ago, I have converted several proposals into new projects resulting in a 75% increase in new revenues.”

Lesley Mallow Wendell, Rosewood Consulting Group

Are you ready to be so confident about your message that your website stands-in beautifully for you when you can't be there?

Are you ready to attract people who immediately see value in what you have to offer and are willing and able to pay you for it?

Are you ready to infuse your ideal client or customer into everything that you do for your business?

Then click on the link below and let's find out if The Ideal Client Identification Solution is right for you. There's a session starting in September 2016!


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