The Only Course That's 100% Focused
On Identifying Your Ideal Customers
And Connecting With Them Through Content

Let's face it. Today, if you're in business, you have to be a marketer.

But there's a pretty good chance none of your training prepared you to be a marketer. You're a dentist, or a life coach, or an interior designer, or a manufacturer. You know your business. But what you don't know is how to effectively market it. But, imagine if you were totally clear about the identities of the people who see value in what you offer and are willing to pay you for it? Wouldn't it be easier to articulate your company's value? You bet it would!

In my 13 years as a marketer (and my years in advertising before that), the biggest mistake I saw business owners make was not identifying their ideal customer. It's the reason there are so many ineffective websites out there.

I've coached and trained over one hundred business owners and, through a formula and process that I developed, got them totally clear about their ideal customers - with stellar results. Here's some proof:

"My ideal client, now that I totally get her, moves quickly through the
like-know-trust continuum and says, "Yes!" to the coaching journey
with me.
I now close 80% of my enrollment conversations!"

Renee Matlock, The Private Practice Coach


Attract Your Ideal Customer gets you totally clear about your ideal customer and guides you to articulate your company's value proposition in words that your customer totally relates to. (I'm certified as a value proposition expert.)

Why should you consider taking this course over any other ideal customer identification course?

  • Because it's the only ideal customer identification course where you work one-on-one with the instructor. The attention is on your business and only your business.
  • Because it's worked for hundreds of small businesses.
  • Because your instructor (me) is trained and certified.
  • Because I'm 100% committed to your success.

If you've made it this far down the page maybe I've piqued your curiosity. So, let's figure out if you're the ideal customer for this ideal customer course in the first place. Two types of people gain tremendous benefit from Attract Your Ideal Customer:

    Your business is maturing. You have set some lofty goals and everything rests on meeting them. In your zeal and excitement about the next iteration of your company, you've begun to realize that your marketing message, the one that helped you get where you are, doesn't feel right anymore. Your success was attained by hard work and determination and especially now, your message must really connect with your customers. Attract Your Ideal Customer may be exactly what you need.
    You're finished with the corporate rat race. You've served your time, had your ups and downs and gained a ton of experience. The time has come to start your own business and be your own boss. Failure is not in your vocabulary. In your former life tasks such as developing value propositions and crafting website content were someone else's responsibility. It's all on you now! You want some help. Attract Your Ideal Customer could be the answer.

"I would not be where I am in business without the help of Betsy Kent. Her “Ideal Client” model helped me transform my sporadic workflow of random projects into a steady stream of relevant work by targeting new and returning clients who my skills serve best."

Sheri McLeod Rose, Precision Copyediting, LLC

Attract Your Ideal Customer
Course Description

  • There are certain people out there who immediately see value in what you offer and are willing and able to pay you for it – those are your ideal customers. Together we’ll go deep and flesh out precisely who they are.
  • We'll use your ideal customer identity to build prototypes (yes, you may have more than one). Your ideal customer prototypes will become the foundation of everything you do from now on to promote your business. These are not "avatars" - your customers are real people with real lives. I'll show you how to connect with them.
  • Now that you know your ideal customers, together we'll build a power list of words and phrases that are the heart of your marketing messages. We'll use customer interviews, recorded conversations, and/or questionnaires to uncover the exact words your customers use when they describe what they want more than anything in the world as it relates to your business. This process also forces you to listen for the words and phrases that you use to get buying signals.
  • Next, we'll craft your elevator speech using what we've discovered in the Power Words exercise. Your new elevator speech will be authentic and heartfelt and when you deliver it, your ideal customers will know that you're talking directly to them. (This works every time.)

  • Here's where you'll develop your value proposition, your brand promise, and your updated website content. Your value proposition answers this question: "If I'm your ideal customer, why should I buy from you rather than one of your competitors?" The process I use is scientifically proven to be the core of successful marketing messages. (I'm certified by MecLabs Institute as a Value Proposition expert.)
  • Finally, you'll create new content for your website, update your social media profiles and business pages. Your messaging will be in total alignment with what your ideal customers' wants and needs.


If you're ready to gain an intimate understanding of your ideal customers and use THEIR OWN WORDS to win their hearts, then Attract Your Ideal Customer may be for you!

Attract Your Ideal Customer was developed during the 13 years I worked with business owners in my digital marketing agency, Be Visible. It's has become the foundation of my work with all my clients because it has changed lives.

"It is beyond amazing to stop struggling with my words, really develop a connection with my ideal clients, and finally make some great money!"

Sara Sherman, Single Moms Ask Sara

There are a lot of marketing courses out there...this is the only one that focuses squarely on helping you nail the identity of your ideal customers and articulate your value in their own words. Over 100 businesses are using this method and getting stellar results.

If you've invested in other marketing courses or are thinking about it, Attract Your Ideal Customer doesn't try to replace them. It strongly boosts their effectiveness.

This Course Is Not For You If ...


  • You want to attract as many different types of customers as you can.
  • You want someone to take over all your marketing for you.
  • You already are totally, completely, 100% crystal clear without a doubt on who your ideal customers are.
  • You're never nervous about delivering your elevator speech.
  • Your website is doing a stellar job of articulating why people should buy from you (instead of from your competitors).


Meet Your Co-Pilot

BetsyI'm Betsy Kent and I've been an internet marketer since 2008. I have written website copy, blogs and emails for hundreds of businesses and here's what I've discovered: when you are totally clear about your ideal customer and are solid with your value proposition, you actually attract your ideal customer.

I created this course for businesses that manage their own marketing, don't have the budget or desire to hire a branding agency, and want to be crystal clear about where their business is going.

I've done the work to be certified as a Value Proposition Development Expert by MecLabs Institute, the world's largest research institute dedicated to discovering how people make choices.

Attract Your Ideal Customer gives you
one-on-one full attention on your business goals.

Whether you live right in my neighborhood or on the other side of the planet, you get high-touch, personal training by someone who is invested in your success, me!

What’s the return on your investment?

  • You will easily attract your most high value clients.
  • Your sales conversations will be fruitful because your prospects will be excited and ready to buy.
  • Your website and marketing will be transformed into lead generating tools while you go about running your business.

Here are the details:

  • 7 sessions of private coaching. You'll walk away with your ideal client prototype, your company's value proposition, a Power Words list (marketing "bible"), a totally awesome elevator speech, your website brand promise, and new sticky content for your Home page and About page. (Yes, if you need more content, you can extend this).
  • Option to add-on 8 months of lightweight coaching where we'll meet every month to review anything you're working on (blogs, website pages, emails, social media, etc.) to make sure it's all in alignment with your ideal client.
  • Ideal client identification review after 8 months to make sure your ideal client prototype still fits. If you need tweaks, we'll make them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started?

I can work with only a few private clients at a time. When we talk, we'll see what timing will work for both of us.

What if I'm not sure this is right for me?

LOL. If you're not my ideal client we'll figure that out when we talk.

I’m just getting my business started, is working with you now too early for me?

If I'd had this training when I first got started in business, I'd be retired by now!

How much does the coaching cost?

A year of coaching with me costs significantly less than most private business coaching programs and is worth every penny because it starts working right away. I work on a sliding scale. Let's talk.

What if I just want to talk about my ideal client but don't want to buy?

Just click on the link below to set up a complimentary 30-minute call with me. If you're not my ideal client or if it's not the right time for you...we'll figure that out together.



Press the button and together we'll figure out if
Attract Your Ideal Client is right for you.

PS: I don't believe in high-pressure tactics so if anything you've read resonates
with you, please don't avoid this call because you don't want to be "sold".

attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

"Betsy, you are a trailblazer. I now have the critical keys to market directly to my most ideal of ideal clients, and then tie it all together in my online and offline marketing so I'm always speaking from the same side of my mouth. The return on investment from your course is unshakable."

- Nadine Nicholson, Me Jane, Calgary, Alberta

Liz Glasgow

After last week's session, I sat down and thought about a bunch more blog post topics, based on what our ideal clients were talking about. I posted the first one yesterday...and once again, your influence was GOLDEN...425+ readers, reading 100% of the just the first 24 hours!
- Jennifer Cox, National Network Of Embroidery Professionals, Kent, Oh.

Jennifer Cox
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

This course is perhaps the single best thing we've ever done for our business and ourselves!

- Alan & Julie Ross, Alan Ross Photography, Santa Fe, NM

Liz Glasgow

Even though I had done a lot of "ideal client" work, I found myself still struggling to come up with the right words and I couldn't understand why. It wasn't until I took Betsy's program that I figured out my problem. All of a sudden the words and ideas just flowed and I found I had a ton to say, and had lots of ideas for blogs, ads, and products. It is beyond amazing to stop struggling with my words, really develop a connection with my ideal clients, and finally make some great money!

- Sara Sherman, Single Moms Ask Sara, Columbus, Ohio

sara sherman, single moms ask sara, betsy kent, be visible
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Debra Boulanger

Whether you are a one woman show, or leading a mature enterprise, Betsy has the strategic vision and practical know-how to help you leverage the multitude of social and interactive marketing tools to grab the attention of your audience.

- Debra Boulanger, GVP End User Programs Marketing, Gartner; founder of “The Great Do-Over”

Liz Glasgow

I am so happy that I finally defined who my ideal client is! Having the opportunity to identify who I want to target is going to be extremely instrumental moving forward as an Interior Designer and small business owner. This knowledge will be very beneficial as I re-design my website and marketing collateral.
- Alana Humphries Alana Humphries Interior Design, Calgary, Alberta

alana humphries
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

My very first blog  post after taking this course generated more publicity than any for the past three years.

- Liz Glasgow, The White Cabinet, Greenport, NY

Elizabeth England

After taking the course, I implemented a schedule for blog posting that has been awesome for our growth. Any company that wants to implement a digital strategy or program would be wise to consult with Betsy ASAP!

- Elizabeth England, Marketing Director, Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

attract your ideal client, betsy kent