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A Step-by-Step Formula To Turn Your Website Into A Client Magnet!


  • Do you feel frustrated because your website is practically invisible?
  • Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients and your website’s not helping?
  • Do you think you should be blogging but you don’t know where to start?
  • Does the phrase SEO scare the crap out of you?

Then I have good news! Get Your Blog Done! is a virtual course designed to help smart business people like you stop feeling exasperated about the Internet.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I have tons of experience and vast expertise but my website isn’t convincing people to hire me.
  • I’ve sat through webinars and read books, but I’m still not clear about how to blog or use Social Media to grow my business.
  • When I search for my name on Google I don’t like what shows up…or nothing shows up at all!


Get Your Blog Done! answers all the above questions for you and more. You can overcome the confusion and brick walls you are experiencing and transform your website into a powerful platform for business success. Even if you have never written a word in your life!


And guess what? This is not a program just about blogging. It is an intimate, high-touch virtual course that will teach you the basic tenets of Internet marketing and dissolve the uncertainty that’s been nagging at you. Complete with private coaching, community support, and mentorship, it will change your mindset about using the web for your business.


You will:

  • Be so much more comfortable with the Internet than you used to be
  • Understand how Google decides what to display
  • Use Social Media with ease to increase visits to your website
  • Build a magnetic public persona that speaks volumes about your credibility
  • Increase your revenue because you won’t just be attracting clients…you’ll be attracting your ideal clients!


Throughout this six-part virtual training course I will use the same methods that I have been using with my private clients for the past eight years. And you will become a part of a vibrant community of other smart and savvy businesspeople who will be learning right along with you.


By the end of the course you will have:

  • Completed blog posts ready to publish
  • An endless list of blog ideas for the future
  • An easy blog template that you’ll use over and over again
  • A method to disseminate your blogs to your ideal clients
  • The knowledge to use Google and Social Media to grow your business




Are You Ready To Finally Get Your Blog Done?

Let’s find out if this course is right for you. It will take just a few minutes…


I’ll get back to you right away!   Betsy KentUntitled



Course Description:
The Blog Success System has been carefully designed to guide you smoothly and easily through the process of learning how to blog successfully for your business. You’ll have fun learning and collaborating with your classmates. You will be doing and not just watching.

  • Six 90-minute online sessions with audio and screen sharing
  • 1 private one-on-one session with Betsy
  • Access to a private Facebook group for collaboration and help
  • Tons of material and useful tips that you will refer to over and over again


Course Agenda:
Pre-Assignment: Your Internet Visibility Analysis – find out where you are and who you are on the web right now. Then visualize where you want to be.


Module 1: What Is A Blog (and Is It The Same As A Website)? In this module we’ll uncover the difference between a website and a blog. You’ll find out all about WordPress and why it is the number one platform for blogging.  We’ll compare different types of business blogs and you’ll determine which style works best for you.


Module 2: What The Heck Should I Write About? This module is all about your content. I’ll teach you how to use what you already know to create informative, interesting and sharable blog posts that will reach out and draw your ideal clients right to you. You will create your first blog topics.


Module 3: How To Do It Right Blogging is an art…and a science. In this module you’ll discover how people actually “read” on the web and learn how to construct your blog posts to make it easy for them to digest and enjoy (and want to share) your blog posts. And you will write your first blog!


Module 4: Keywords and Tagging and SEO, Oh My! Here we get into the nitty gritty of how to make your blog posts “Google-friendly.” You will learn how to discover and use the right keywords and how to create “findable” posts. You will actually optimize your new blog post (yes, SEO! You’ll learn it!).


Module 5: Getting It Out There Social Media…it’s great right? We’ll cut through the hype and you will learn how to push your blog posts out to where your ideal clients are hanging out. Finally, you can put to bed your dread about Social marketing!


Module 6: How To Talk To Your Designer About What You Need Here you’ll get the knowledge you need to ask for and get what you want. We’ll dig into the features that your blog must have to be successful, and you will walk away with the confidence to ask for and get what you need!


Bonus Module: Measuring Your Progress: We’ll review all you have learned and I’ll teach you how to measure your success.


A Little More About Me
Betsy Kent GYBD shot unretouchedI’m Betsy Kent, the Internet Marketing Expert, president of Be Visible Associates. I was one of the first people to work with small businesses and teach them about Internet marketing. In fact, I began so long ago that I remember when Yahoo was the biggest search engine and Google was just a blip!

I have personally worked with hundreds of business owners from at least 50 different industries, and have used virtually every platform on the web. I have managed a zillion online marketing programs, written hundreds of blog posts, and taught innumerable people how to understand how the web actually operates.

I know there are thousands of businesses out there struggling with their websites, confused about blogging, and mystified by Social Media. My sensitivity to that fact enables me to convey what are often complex concepts in a way that “non-techy” people can really “get it.”

I wasn’t always “web savvy.” I worked in print advertising for many years when magazines and newspapers were still thriving. When I discovered the Internet, I walked away from my job and opened my own Internet marketing agency, Be Visible Associates. I knew that I had to help other business people discover what I had discovered: the web makes it possible for ANY business to stand out and be noticed by the world!

I’m not a teenager who grew up with the web. I’m just like you. The Internet is a truly remarkable phenomenon that has changed our lives. I want to teach you how it can change your business!



Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

I've guided hundreds of clients through my signature process and formula and as a result, they’ve generated millions of dollars in new business revenue with more ease and confidence than ever before. THE CHANGE IS MILLIONS.

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