5 Things You Can Do To Eliminate Confusion on Your Website

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When I first got started in the Internet marketing biz I heard someone utter a profound statement about how important it is to eliminate confusion on your website. It has been my mantra ever since:

Confusion Wins Over Persuasion Every Time

It means this: no matter how beautiful your website looks or how masterfully you’ve created your content, if your visitors are confused or have to try to figure out what you do – and if what you do is right for them – they’re gonna leave.

And when the visitors that leave are your perfect ideal clients, you’ve lost more than visitors…you’ve lost money.

So here are some tried and true tips to eliminate confusion on your website and help you make an instant connection with your ideal clients:

5 things to do to eliminate confusion on your website

  1. Address your ideal client directly and make an instant connection.
    The first thing that your visitors should see is your brand promise. Your brand promise is the statement of your company’s unique value, the benefits of doing business with you, and a pledge that you will deliver what you promise – in a conversational and not marketing-y way. It makes an instant connection in the tiny amount of time you have to make that connection. Your ideal client will stay and want to know more.(If your site doesn’t have a brand promise…I can help you create one).
  2. Use the first person in your content.
    Especially if you’re a sole proprietor, use the first person in your website content. Your ideal client will know you are speaking directly to her or him. Your website will become a fantastic opportunity to begin establishing a relationship with your ideal clients. Use the words I and me...it works!
  3. Test your website on your phone.
    A great percentage of your website visitors are using a phone or tablet when they access your site, especially if your business is B2C. We all have a tendency to make decisions about our website when we’re looking at it on a big screen. Check out your website on your phone, too. How’s the user experience? Not great? Confusing? You may need to make some changes.By the way, you can find out the percentage of people who access your site on a mobile device in your Google Analytics. Go to Audience, then Mobile, then Overview:eliminate confusion on your website, betsy kent, be visible
  1. Make it super easy for people to contact you.
    The fact is, most people are really impatient when they are on the web so don’t hide all your contact info on a contact page that they have to click to get to (yes, clicks are work!). Your contact info should be on every page of your site, either in the footer or at the top.
  1. Anticipate their questions and skepticism.
    This is a big one. Try to anticipate the questions that will come up when your ideal client is on your site. Try to answer those questions right away in your content. You can use a Frequently Asked Questions page or imbed them in your content. Handle objections right up front and you will create trust (and transparency).

For the 5 tips above to work really well you should be totally clear about your ideal client – demographically and psycho-graphically. Remember, confusion wins over persuasion every time so eliminate confusion on your website and you’ll see an uptick in the customers that reach out to you from there.

Thanks for reading!

Give me 30 mins and I’ll give you a tip about your ideal client (or customer) that will make a difference in your business right now. Click here to schedule.



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