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Is this you?
It’s your turn to deliver your elevator speech,
30-second commercial – or whatever you call it!

And you freeze-up. Or you say something that you
know (from previous experience) never gets you leads
or even requests for get-to-know-you meetings.

Wouldn't you love to have a script that falls trippingly off your tongue and gets your ideal customers to listen?

I will teach you how!

This 2-hour workshop is guaranteed to transform
your ho-hum, utterly forgettable elevator speech
into 30 seconds of memorable, customer-attracting brilliance.

Does it work? You bet it does!






In the workshop, you’ll learn how to create a
perfectly composed elevator speech.

An elevator speech that’s vetted by your peers.

That you’ll be able to use right away.

Listen you! You never have to wish you'd spent
more time composing something that actually
gets you business – ever again.


Here's what you can expect:

You'll sit comfortably at a table with your peers, and without judgment or pressure, you'll deliver
your current (boring) elevator speech to the group.

At this point, you'll complete an ideal customer
clarification worksheet to help you get deep
underneath the surface and discover what your
ideal customer wants more than anything in the
world in regards to what you do.

Then, using my elevator speech formula, you'll
create a few versions of a new elevator speech -
using words and phrases you identified in the
previous step. You'll choose one version of your new
elevator speech and deliver it to the group.

Finally, you'll all help each other make it even better,
so it's compelling, appealing, and persuasive.


Imagine how confident you’ll feel when you have
an elevator speech that's always ready and
genuinely works (i.e., brings you new leads).

Also, did I mention it's fun?


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betsy kent, copywriter, ideal client expert


Interested in hosting the Elevator Speech Workshop
for your group?

Connect with me at
or call 917-710-3074



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