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Betsy Kent’s Online Marketing Mastery VIP Program


Are you tired of being invisible on the web and wish that someone would tell you what to do?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You think you should be blogging but you have no idea what to write about and how to write a successful blog.
  • You’ve been using social media for a while and wish you knew the secrets to making it work for your business.
  • You’ve tried to attract your ideal clients on the web but nothing is working.
  • Wouldn’t it feel great to know how to make Google love your website and display it to your ideal clients and customers when they need you most?
  • How awesome would it be to know how to easily write magnetic blog posts that extend your reach and super-charge your business?
  • Have you been praying that someone would just take you by the hand and help you create your plan to attract clients and customers right to your website?

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In the past nine years I have helped countless businesses become more visible on the web. I’ve managed dozens of highly successful online marketing campaigns, written hundreds of blog posts, and managed social media programs from the simple to the complex.

In my VIP program I share all I’ve learned throughout the years that will help you attract the people you need to reach, get you the recognition you deserve, and set you up to make more money from your business. Classes are small and totally customized. And, I teach in a fun un-techie way that you will love.

If you think that blogging and social media is impossible, think again. My system gives you marketing basics you need to know, teaches you how to blog, when to blog and what to blog about and supplies the tools to use social media to get your message to people who you need to reach. All while you are running your business!

“My very first blog after taking your course brought me more publicity than anything I had ever tried!”

Liz Glasgow, The White Cabinet

“I see amazing results from the comments I get and the new clients who are coming to my website.”

Marilyn Sygrove, Sygrove Assoc.


Betsy Kent’s Blogging & Social Media Mastery System

A Course Designed For Smart Business People Who Are Ready To Be Smart About The Internet

This is the only virtual course of its kind. The group is very small and the curriculum is completely customized to the businesses represented in the group. You get private coaching and basic marketing skills you need in today’s digital world. You’ll learn how to use my proven blogging and social media system and attract the people you want to work with, get you the recognition you deserve, and make more money! You will walk away with clarity about what you should post on your website and Social Media and why. You won’t be throwing mud on the wall and hoping it will stick, but instead you’ll have a plan, know what you’re doing, and best of all, know why you’re doing it. sarah r“What’s truly unique about Betsy’s teaching is that she speaks in terms that anyone can understand, especially someone like me who didn’t grow up using the Internet. I now have a roadmap that has taken all the trepidation out of writing blogs and using Facebook. Without Betsy’s program, my business would still be invisible and I would still be wondering what the heck to do about it.” — Sarah Richardson, Rise & Shine The course is a brilliant combination of live virtual classes, pre-recorded learning modules, useful worksheets, blog templates, one-one-one private coaching with me, and more.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

Pod 1: Marketing Basics
“What You Would Know If You’d Gone To Business School”

  • How to create your individual sales funnels
  • Define the ideal client personas for your business
  • Develop a content plan for the year that you can stick to
  • Calculate how much time you can reasonably invest in your marketing

Pod 2: Blogging
“Turn Your Website Into A Client Magnet”

  • Learn how to identify what your ideal clients are searching for on the web
  • Get secrets to create irresistible titles and headlines
  • Develop the skills to choose the perfect image (and use it legally)
  • Learn some crazy tricks that only professional bloggers know

Pod 3: Social Media & Sharing Your Content
“The Road To The Money”

  • Identify the sites where your ideal clients hang out (it may be only one or two!)
  • Know how, when and why to buy advertisig on Facebook
  • Choose the perfect pre-scheduling tool and learn how to use it
  • Find your unique voice and frequency

My live classes are fun and taught in a very un-techie way. They are also a forum for your questions, problem solving, and sharing. Self-learning modules fill in the blanks for you and include pre-recorded lessons, worksheets and templates.

You’ll get a resource guide, a glossary of Internet marketing terms, and more.

This is a high-level VIP program that is for people who are very serious about improving their business’ visibility and effectiveness online.

Tell me about your business and the challenges that you have with your online presence. This is not a sales call!
Click here, answer just a few short questions, and I’ll be in touch with you right away:

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