How Blogging Transformed A NYC Dentist Into A TV Star in the UK

By Betsy Kent | Aug 6, 2015

Sometimes a content marketing strategy gets some pretty unexpected results. But when a blog post gets a New York City dentist into a Google commercial on TV in the U.K., well, it’s something pretty rare. About five years ago I took on a new client, Dr. Michael Sinkin. Dr. Sinkin is a dentist in New York City…and he had…

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betsy time to send email, be visible, betsy kent

The Very Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

By Betsy Kent | Jul 28, 2015

    The optimal time for you to send out your email marketing campaigns (or blasts) may be much different than what you imagine. Instinctually, you may feel that your subscribers are more likely to read emails in the early morning, before their business day starts. But readers rarely behave the way you expect them to (or the way you…

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The Best Way To Post Blogs On Facebook

By Betsy Kent | Jul 21, 2015

The stats are in. The vast majority of Facebook users get there through a mobile device (usually a phone). The huge shift from desktop usage to mobile usage is serious for your marketing, especially if you use Facebook to get your blog content in front of ideal customers. I’ve experimented with a number of options and I’m convinced (for the time being at…

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A Really Quick Way To Follow Facebook’s 20% Rule

By Betsy Kent | Jul 14, 2015

Have you ever placed a Facebook ad or set up a boost only for it to not be approved because your ad image is more than 20% text? It’s very frustrating, especially because often you don’t find out ’til many hours after you have submitted it. The best thing to do is be sure your ad images follow Facebook’s 20% rule…

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need a new website, be visible, betsy kent

4 Surefire Clues You Need A New Website

By Betsy Kent | Jul 7, 2015

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve been busy building your business and haven’t thought much about your website in a while. If your site hasn’t been touched in a couple of years or more, it may actually be hurting your company, rather than helping it. While you’ve been focusing on growing your company a lot…

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Facebook post boost, facebook advertising, Facebook marketing

My $1.00 Facebook Post Boost & The Surprising Results

By Betsy Kent | Jul 2, 2015

  I’ve been asked my opinion about the Facebook post boost option nearly every day in the past few months. There is a lot to say about Facebook advertising in general, which I expand on below; but before I do, here’s a little background on what’s been going on recently with business Pages:   These days,…

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digital denial, betsy kent, be visible

Are You In Digital Denial?

By Betsy Kent | Jun 25, 2015

  You’ve worked hard to build your business and you love what you do. Every day is a new opportunity to meet new customers and transform their lives. You’ve spent a lot of time getting to this point, and you’re very proud of what you’ve accomplished. Then one day you do a Google search for…

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Google personalized results

You Don’t See What Your Customers See On Google

By Betsy Kent | May 26, 2015

  Did you know that Google has been personalizing search results for all users since 2009? So, what do I mean by personalizing? When you perform a Google search, the results you see are not the same as the results everyone else sees. In essence, you don’t see what your customers see on Google.  …

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my cat is a brilliant marketer

My Cat Is A Brilliant Marketer

By Betsy Kent | May 19, 2015

[This post is from my Tuesday Tips series) This is my cat, Cocoa. She’s not particularly talented as far as felines go, yet she has developed a very successful marketing strategy.   For real! My cat is a brilliant marketer.     Every time I go into the kitchen Cocoa follows me and proceeds to…

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social media overwhelmed

3 Ways To Stop Being Overwhelmed By Social Media

By Betsy Kent | Apr 18, 2015

  The other day I was looking through some of my client meeting notes and one words kept appearing: OVERWHELMED. Many of the people I talk to everyday feel overwhelmed by Facebook and all the other social platforms, too. And I don’t blame them. As soon as they feel that they have a handle on something…everything…

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