Does Your Business Have More Than One Ideal Customer?

By Betsy Kent | Mar 19, 2019

Many people tell me they experience a rush of FOMO when they try to identify their ideal customer. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is one of the big reasons people get stuck when they try to identify their ideal customer. They say,  “If we concentrate on attracting just one type of customer, aren’t we leaving…

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How To Find The Ideal Customer For Your New Business

By Betsy Kent | Feb 26, 2019

The task can be a challenge at any stage of a business, but it’s particularly challenging to find the ideal customer for a new business. New entrepreneurs struggle with this all the time. After all, how can you identify your most perfect customer when you don’t have any customers yet? In this article, I’m going…

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12 Tips That Will Supercharge Your Elevator Speech

By Betsy Kent | Jan 29, 2019

You only have one chance to make a good first impression – even on Zoom! In today’s networking environment you may think you can get away with a meh elevator speech the same way you get away with wearing yoga pants all day. Which begs the question… What’s an elevator speech and why do you…

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Are Your Ideal Customers In This Room?

By Betsy Kent | Jan 8, 2019

I belong to a dynamic business organization that has hundreds of paying members. Every Wednesday, many of us attend a one-hour meeting where we share our successes, promote our businesses, and network with each other. The meeting attracts between 35 and 40 members, and always a handful of guests. At one point during the meeting,…

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Which Ad Campaign Nailed-It? And Which Failed-It?

By Betsy Kent | Dec 11, 2018

I just returned from a crazy week in New York City. One of the most exciting aspects of the city is experiencing advertising all over the place. (Well, it’s exciting for me – I’m weird) I love to decide which ads and billboards nailed-it and which ones failed-it. I’ll bet you have your opinions, too! Here are…

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Finding Your Ideal Customer: 32 Questions You Should Ask

By Betsy Kent | Nov 7, 2018

Whether you call it an avatar or a buyer persona, actually identifying and finding your ideal customer is not always an easy task. In a perfect world you want every aspect of your business, from your website to your elevator speech, to connect with the people who need you most and can pay you. But…

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Has Someone Stolen Your Website Content? Find Out:

By Betsy Kent | Oct 16, 2018

Hello there, brilliant entrepreneurs! Yes, you read it right. There are some bad people out there stealing website content. They’re not Russian hackers, either. Nope! They are website designers, developers, and businesses that are too lazy or uncreative to develop their own content. In this post, I tell you why copied content hurts you, show…

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Who Is Your Ideal Customer? Follow These 5 Steps To Find Out

By Betsy Kent | Oct 2, 2018

Do you own a mature business? Or, are you just getting started? If you want to grow it’s crucial that you’re totally clear about who is your ideal customer.  Who’s your ideal customer? An individual who immediately sees value in what you offer and is willing and able to pay you for it. It’s that simple.…

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Put Your Networking On Steroids Be Visible Betsy Kent

Put Your Networking On Steroids

By Betsy Kent | Sep 18, 2018

What do I mean when I say, “Put your networking on steroids”? Well, think about this: when you attend a networking event, do you expect to come home with a ton of new orders or contracts in your suitcase? Probably not. I just returned from a conference in Chicago where my colleague, Michelle Hummel from…

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Don’t Get Sued! How ADA Website Compliance Affects Your Site

By Betsy Kent | Sep 4, 2018

(This article is about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance requirements – 5-minute read.) Last week I received a frantic email from one of my colleagues who runs a successful digital marketing agency here in town. It turned out that one of her clients was hit with a lawsuit because, get this, their…

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