What is a QR Code?

By Betsy Kent | Aug 24, 2011

You have probably noticed these little white squares with black patterns on them appearing on bus kiosk ads, in magazines, and even on billboards. And there’s a good chance that you don’t know what they are and if you are supposed to do something with them. You may have even wondered if they are secret communication…

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Why Do I Need a Business Blog?

By Betsy Kent | Jul 5, 2011

“Why Do I Need a Business Blog?” It’s a question I hear over and over again from new clients, and I don’t blame them for asking! What’s a “blog” anyway? Some people hear the word “blog” and immediately think of The Huffington Post or Perez With that in mind, it’s easy for me to understand why many businesses…

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Facebook Privacy Settings, How to Change Them

By Betsy Kent | Jun 21, 2011

Many of you have asked me how to adjust the privacy settings for your Facebook personal profiles. Facebook tends to make changes to this feature a lot, so it’s good to go in every now and then and make sure your are set the way you want them. Here’s a Step-By-Step guide to customizing your privacy…

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Do You Hate Social Media?

By Betsy Kent | Jun 15, 2011

As a Social Media expert I am frequently referred to businesses that need my help. I work with large companies, online retailers, and marketing agencies. But I have many clients that fall into the “small but successful”, category, too. And, the majority of these “small but successful” businesses are owned by really smart, really fearless,…

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How to Change the Order of Facebook Page Tabs

By Betsy Kent | Mar 10, 2011

The new Facebook Business Pages layouts are now the only layout available. If you had not upgraded your Page until now, you may be dismayed to wake up this morning and find that it was updated for you! So, there are a lot of places on the web where you can get help and information…

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How to Control the New Facebook Pages Photo Strip

By Betsy Kent | Feb 28, 2011

Many of you have upgraded your Facebook Business Page prior to the automatic update on March 10. So now you are wondering what to do with that funny Photo Strip at the top of the page. First thing to understand: Facebook will display the most recent photo upload in the Photo Strip, whether you added…

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Getting Email Pitches from Internet Marketers? What to do!

By Betsy Kent | Dec 16, 2010

The number of companies that provide Internet marketing services is growing in leaps and bounds and many of them are using email to reach out to their target market: your business! Every day businesses receive unsolicited emails from Internet marketers promising to make your website appear on the first page of Search Engine results for…

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Don’t Forget About LinkedIn – 3 Steps to Get your Profile Up to Date

By Betsy Kent | Nov 8, 2010

It’s so easy these days to get jazzed about all the new social networking platforms there are out there. From Facebook to Google, changes are being made that enable companies and brands to reach their market in new and awesome ways. However, when it comes to your business profile, there is nothing more effective than LinkedIn.…

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Word of Mouth Marketing for Local Businesses

By Betsy Kent | Nov 2, 2010

It’s very exciting that Be Visible Associates’ client Dr. Michael Sinkin was featured in print and web in the New York Daily News yesterday. The article is about how small businesses are seeing success by using Social Media marketing. Dr. Sinkin has increased his practice by using Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. Don’t think a sole…

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Twitter Crushes…Love in 140 Characters

By Betsy Kent | Sep 11, 2010

I have a client whose Twitter account I manage. For this account, I need to pretend that I’m a man. That has led to two interesting issues: for one thing, I’ve discovered that guys tweet differently than women, and for another thing, it turns out that I make a very charming guy! At the start,…

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