How to Activate Twitter's 2-Step Verification

By Betsy Kent | May 23, 2013

After some very public hacking issues, Twitter’s 2-step verification process has been enabled for all users. It’s very simple to do, and to make it really fast and easy for you I created this 6-step visual tutorial. If you have already verified your phone with Twitter, it will take 2 mins, but if you haven’t…

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Mobile Websites Vs. Mobile Applications

Mobile Website or Mobile App? Which is Best?

By Betsy Kent | Apr 24, 2013

Ever since Be Visible started building mobile websites for clients, we have fielded this question: “What is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app and which one do I need?” So here are the basics: The Difference Between Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps A Mobile Website is similar to any other desktop…

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My Business Blog: What Should I Write About?

By Betsy Kent | Mar 26, 2013

A frequent question that I get from many of my clients (with a lot of trepidation) after they have decided that they do want to have a business blog, is this: “What in the world should I write about?” Regardless of what your goal is for having a blog, my advice is, don’t try to…

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Business Blog Success – Case Study

By Betsy Kent | Mar 8, 2013

At Be Visible, we use many different tactics to help our clients reach their goals. For many of the small businesses we serve, one of the biggest struggles is how to drive traffic to their website without investing thousands of dollars in advertising. While we believe very strongly in Search Engine marketing, for some types…

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The Mobile Web - Local Searches Conducted From Smartphones

The Mobile Web: 10 More Incredible Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

By Betsy Kent | Feb 14, 2013

This is the second in a series about how the Mobile Web, mobile user behavior, mobile websites, and mobile devices are changing the ways businesses communicate with their customers and vice versa. You can read the first blog here: The Mobile Web: 10 Incredible Facts Your Probably Didn’t Know. 10 Incredible Facts About The Mobile…

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Mobile Website

5 Things To Consider Before Building a Mobile Website

By Betsy Kent | Feb 6, 2013

2013 is the year when use of the Internet on mobile devices surpasses that of desktops and laptops. We are hurriedly getting our clients up to speed by creating mobile versions of their websites. Since only 20% of business websites are optimized for mobile, we know that this will help our clients stay ahead of…

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bank-on-rain, multiple screen

Wherever You Are, However You Engage – One Seamless Experience

By Betsy Kent | Jan 18, 2013

This is a guest post by our dear friend and colleague Caroline Di Diego, known to most of us as CASUDI. She is a brilliant film producer and has been involved in web design since 1997. It’s Not About Being on the Same Page; It’s About Being on the Same Screen! Have you ever thought…

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The Mobile Revolution – Mobile Websites – Explained

By Betsy Kent | Jan 9, 2013

The Mobile Revolution. We’ve been anticipating it for years and now it’s officially here. Smartphone usage is up by 50% just since 2011. 90% of us have our phone within reach 24/7. And in 2013 mobile phones will surpass PCs as the primary means of accessing the Internet. So, if you haven’t begun thinking about…

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Get Started with Twitter Advertising

How To Advertise on Twitter

By Betsy Kent | Jan 3, 2013

A while back, I was scanning my Twitter newsfeed when I saw a tweet from Twitter themselves incentivizing users to try their first $100 worth of Twitter advertising for free. At Be Visible, we are always looking to try and test new tools for our clients, so naturally we dove right in. Here’s what we…

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The Mobile Web: 10 Incredible Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

By Betsy Kent | Dec 10, 2012

The latest big disruptor in our digital world is going to be (and already is) the staggeringly rapid increase in the use of mobile devices. For everyone involved in marketing, this is something that we have to educate our clients and ourselves about. Because more than anything else right now, this shift affects every business’s…

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