4 Tips To Make A Deep Emotional Connection With Your Ideal Clients (on your website and in your marketing)

By Betsy Kent | May 23, 2017

When you use the perfect words and phrases in your marketing copy, you can make a deep emotional connection with your ideal clients and customers. That’s the first step in building trust. That’s the first step in building trust. And choosing those perfect words can often feel really hard! But, what if I told you…

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Difference Between A LinkedIn Article and A LinkedIn Update be visible

The Difference Between A LinkedIn Article and A LinkedIn Update

By Betsy Kent | May 2, 2017

Our favorite business-to-business social media site, LinkedIn, has made a lot of changes over the past few months. The most obvious changes are in the basic layout. They’re working hard to make the platform more intuitive and user-friendly. (Being bought by Microsoft doesn’t hurt!). If you use LinkedIn to share your blog content and get…

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List of Overused Words Be Visible

My Top 10 List of Overused Marketing Words (& What to Use Instead)

By Betsy Kent | Apr 18, 2017

Every now and then I find myself using a word that really annoys me when other people use it! I’ve tried hard to banish what I consider overused marketing words from my website, my speaking and my blogging. But sometimes it’s really difficult to find the perfect alternate word that has the same meaning or even sounds right…

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Getting Totally Clear About Your Ideal Client Opens Up New Opportunities (True Story)

By Betsy Kent | Apr 4, 2017

If you read my blogs, you may have noticed that I’m obsessed with how getting totally clear about your ideal client is the key to a profitable and sustainable business – and one you love, too. Real quick, here’s how this all started for me: A few years ago, I launched an online course called Blog…

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People Visiting Your Website From Their Phone Be Visible

How To Find Out If People Are Visiting Your Website From Their Phone

By Betsy Kent | Mar 22, 2017

I just got back from a whirlwind week in New York City. The occasion was my 14-year old niece’s first visit to the Big Apple. Having lived there for many years, I am the perfect NYC tour guide. And a perfect NYC tour guide spends a lot of time in the subway. This is cool:…

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Do you have a narcissistic website, betsy kent, be visible

Do You Have a Narcissistic Website?

By Betsy Kent | Mar 8, 2017

Today I’m going to ask you to think about your website for a minute. Yes, your website. That pesky little window into your business that is sometimes neglected, but always there – trying desperately to make a connection between you and your ideal client. So, how’s it working out for you and your website? Not so…

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5 Things You Can Do To Eliminate Confusion on Your Website

By Betsy | Feb 21, 2017

When I first got started in the Internet marketing biz I heard someone utter a profound statement about how important it is to eliminate confusion on your website. It hass been my mantra ever since: Confusion Wins Over Persuasion Every Time It means this: no matter how beautiful your website looks or how masterfully you’ve created your content, if…

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The Hidden Gold In Your Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

By Betsy Kent | Feb 8, 2017

Here’s a great tip that I just had to share with you – and it has to do with the gold hidden in your client testimonials. One of my clients is a highly accomplished interior designer. The project we have undertaken together is to update her website so it will connect more powerfully with her ideal clients.…

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Identifying Your Ideal Client – 3 Surprising Reasons Why It’s So Hard

By Betsy Kent | Jan 30, 2017

Hello, brave entrepreneur! Today, I’m going to give you some tips on identifying your ideal client. Over the past ten years I’ve worked with tons of small businesses. And during that time, I discovered that nearly all of them had skipped one of the most important steps in building a company – identifying their ideal client (or customer).…

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The Fun Trick That Will Get You Blogging Again

By Betsy Kent | Jan 11, 2017

    I hope you had a great holiday season. I had a wonderful time going to all kinds of parties and events in my new town of Covington, Kentucky and nearby Cincinnati. People here love to celebrate! So, how’s business? Lots of folks I’ve been talking this week are in the midst are figuring out how…

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