finding your ideal custsomer

Finding Your Ideal Customer: 32 Questions You Should Ask

By Betsy Kent | Mar 20, 2018

            Whether you call it an avatar or a buyer persona, actually identifying and finding your ideal customer is not always an easy task. In a perfect world you want every aspect of your business, from your website to your elevator speech, to connect with the people who need you…

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4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website Be Visible

4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website

By Betsy Kent | Mar 11, 2018

When I began working in internet marketing about ten years ago, I could help my clients get a new website whipped up in a week or two – easy peasy. Technology has advanced greatly since then, right? So it would be natural for you to assume that building a website today would be easier and faster. But…

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Elevator Speech Tips For Entrepreneurs

By Betsy Kent | Feb 18, 2018

  Have you ever become tongue-tied you’re asked, “So, what do you do?” and walked away with the feeling that you’ve lost a great business opportunity? Well, it used to happen to me, too. That’s when I set out to master the art of the elevator speech. According to the University of California, “An elevator speech is…

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How To Get Business Reviews On Google Be Visible Betsy Kent

How To Get Business Reviews On Google

By Betsy Kent | Feb 13, 2018

In my last blog, I told you about how the most brilliant content for your website may be hiding in plain sight – right in your customer testimonials. Testimonials, also called reviews, are a proven way to build credibility for your business. You want to win more of your ideal customers, right? Then think about…

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The Gold Hidden In Your CustomerTestimonials, betsy kent, be visible, ideal client

The Hidden Gold In Your Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

By Betsy Kent | Jan 29, 2018

Here’s a great tip that I just have to share with you: One of my clients is a highly accomplished interior designer, Sharon Sherman. Last year we worked together to update her website so it would connect more powerfully with her ideal clients. And do it without investing in a website re-design! Sounds like a tall…

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why I'm obsessed with my ideal customer, betsy Kent, ideal customer, ideal client,

Why I’m Obsessed With My Ideal Customers

By Betsy Kent | Jan 25, 2018

  If you’re a reader of my blog you may already know that I’m totally obsessed with my ideal customers and the power that comes from being totally clear about who they are, what they think, how they feel, and what they say. In fact, my entire business is built around helping other businesses get…

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How To Get Paid On Time & Other Stories - Be Visible Betsy Kent

Entrepreneurs! Here’s How To Get Paid On Time (& other good stuff)

By Betsy Kent | Jan 22, 2018

I know I’m guilty of it, and perhaps you are, too. You’re excited to meet with a new prospect. The meeting goes…well, fine. Not great. Just fine. You feel a disconnect but you want and need the business. You have goals to meet! So, you do everything your internal sales manager tells you to do.…

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knowing your ideal customer, betsy kent, be visible, ideal client

The Wealth Building Magic Of Knowing Your Ideal Customer [Case Study]

By Betsy Kent | Jan 2, 2018

If you read my blogs once in a while, you know I’m obsessed with helping you with the process of knowing your ideal customers. In fact, my entire business is built around it. But I didn’t plan it. Like many other entrepreneurs, I discovered my secret sauce by accident. Actually, it is the result of…

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What Is A Brand Promise, ideal customer, be visible, betsy kent

What is a Brand Promise & Does Your Business Need One?

By Betsy Kent | Nov 6, 2017

What is a brand promise, you ask? A brand promise is the statement of your company’s unique value and the benefits of doing business with you. It conveys to your ideal customers why your business is the perfect choice. And it’s a pledge that whatever you promise, you fulfill it. A strong brand promise makes…

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How to Attract ANYONE With Your Marketing!

How to Attract ANYONE With Your Marketing!

By Betsy Kent | Oct 24, 2017

Before you sit down and finish skimming this article, I need you to follow a very simple request: On a sheet of paper (or, electronically for all my Earth-loving peeps), complete the following sentence: “My/Our ideal customer is _____________.” Now, if your sentence looks something like this: “My/Our ideal customer is anyone who _____________.”   . .…

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