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The Wealth Building Magic Of Knowing Your Ideal Customer [Case Study]

By Betsy Kent | Jan 2, 2018

If you read my blogs once in a while, you know I’m obsessed with helping you with the process of knowing your ideal customers. In fact, my entire business is built around it. But I didn’t plan it. Like many other entrepreneurs, I discovered my secret sauce by accident. Actually, it is the result of…

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What Is A Brand Promise, ideal customer, be visible, betsy kent

What is a Brand Promise & Does Your Business Need One?

By Betsy Kent | Nov 6, 2017

What is a brand promise, you ask? A brand promise is the statement of your company’s unique value and the benefits of doing business with you. It conveys to your ideal customers why your business is the perfect choice. And it’s a pledge that whatever you promise, you fulfill it. A strong brand promise makes…

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How to Attract ANYONE With Your Marketing!

How to Attract ANYONE With Your Marketing!

By Betsy Kent | Oct 24, 2017

Before you sit down and finish skimming this article, I need you to follow a very simple request: On a sheet of paper (or, electronically for all my Earth-loving peeps), complete the following sentence: “My/Our ideal customer is _____________.” Now, if your sentence looks something like this: “My/Our ideal customer is anyone who _____________.”   . .…

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Are There Too Many Coaches Out There? Be Visible Betsy Kent

Are There Too Many Coaches Out There?

By Betsy Kent | Oct 3, 2017

Thinking back to the first time I heard someone refer to another person as his or her coach, I was very confused. I happened to be watching a talk show where a famous singer was discussing her dieting habits with the host. She proceeded to highlight that she is now on a rigid diet—and that…

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What’s the Difference Between a Tagline and a Brand Promise?

By Betsy Kent | Sep 19, 2017

The best way to differentiate your business from the pack is to be crystal clear about your marketing message. But what does that mean? Do you need a tagline? Do you need a brand promise? And what is the difference between a tagline and a brand promise? Let’s get this cleared up… The Difference Between a Tagline…

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5 Tips For Brilliant Email Subject Lines Be Visible

5 Tips For Brilliant Email Subject Lines

By Betsy Kent | Aug 29, 2017

Do you ever take an honest step back and think to yourself, “But, really, why did I open that email?” I pose the question because, like any New York Times bestseller, the title matters—and there is a clear distinction between content that’s first class and content that never makes it past TSA. It’s in your…

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4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website Be Visible

4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website

By Betsy Kent | Aug 15, 2017

When I began working in internet marketing about ten years ago, I could help my clients get a new website whipped up in a week or two – easy peasy. Technology has advanced greatly since then, right? So it would be natural for you to assume that building a website today would be easier and faster. But…

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Giving Away Too Much On Your Blog, be visible

Are You Giving Away Too Much On Your Blog (For Free)?

By Betsy Kent | Jul 25, 2017

One of my business friends recently came up to me and said, “I think you are giving away too much on your blog.” My colleague was concerned that my blogs are so helpful and informative that no one needs to actually hire me! I beg to differ. As a blogger for business, I believe it’s necessary…

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How To Uncover Powerful Words for Your Marketing Be Visible

How To Uncover Powerful Words For Marketing Copy

By Betsy Kent | Jul 11, 2017

This may come off a bit harsh, but hear me out: Today’s Internet user has the attention-span of an untrained beagle. Better yet, an untrained beagle walking in a Fourth of July parade surrounded by loud music, confetti cannons and other untrained beagles. Listen, I wasn’t the one who put together the stats. But it’s…

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A Surefire Way To Find Your Ideal Client Or Customer, betsy kent, bevisible, be visible

A Surefire Way To Find Your Ideal Client Or Customer

By Betsy Kent | Jun 20, 2017

The most successful companies in the world are totally clear about who they want to attract. It’s obvious on their websites, in their marketing and advertising, even in how they talk about their companies. We’re all familiar with the large brands that do a great job of connecting with their customers every step of the way. Apple…

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