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  • You have an exciting, growing business. You’re building it with perseverance and passion. There’s a lot of pride involved in what you do and your clients and customers feel it... AND...
  • Your services and products are carefully thought-out and make the lives of your clients and customers better and happier... AND...
  • Referrals and word-of–mouth make up the majority of your clients and customers. When you’re face-to-face, people really “get” the value of what you do.


You are awesome! But there’s something missing.
You are invisible to your ideal clients & customers.

You want to do well. You have embraced the internet. You post on social media, work on your email list, and may have even been blogging. But when you go online all you see are your competitors. They’re there. And you are not.

And that’s when this hits you:

When someone searches for what you offer, you’re not there. You’re not even an option. You are virtually invisible.

What's more, when someone who you really want to work with does find you (even a referral) your website doesn't make that person say "yes!".

And you don’t know how to fix it.

In your field you want to be known, right? You want a steady stream of new clients and customers. You know referrals are the key to this. And you already have some clients or customers you would like to clone. They are your IDEAL CLIENTS.

Ideal Clients: The people who immediately see the value in what you have to offer and who are willing and able to pay you for it.

You know they're out there. You know you should be there when they are looking for you. But...

Marketing is not necessarily your comfort zone.

Maybe you’re beginning to worry that competitors are grabbing all the great clients from the web before you can even get to them.

Maybe you were hoping internet marketing would just get easier...but now you realize that you really need some guidance.

Maybe you’ve watched a few webinars or taken some classes, but they either made you feel overwhelmed or simply didn’t work.

You are not alone, by the way. Most small (and even many large) businesses miss this piece because they simply don't know where to go for guidance. As more millennials become entrepreneurs you may feel that if you don’t deal with this internet thing right now, your business may not be relevant in a few years. That’s not what you planned. Right?


Here’s the deal:

1. Online visibility and clear messaging is not's crucial. Potential clients and customers always respond positively when a business is well represented and appears to “have it all together.”

2. Even when you’re recommended, people check you out online before contacting you.   <60-80% of decision-making happens online before a sales conversation even occurs. 

3. People head to the web to start their buying process, get answers, and find information. You have about 5 seconds to tell them that they're in the right place!

So, you’re awesome at what you do and you are ready to have a web presence that reflects it. You want to attract your perfect-fit clients and customers.

...You need to be seen to be chosen. And that's why you have to learn how to blog for business. 

I know you have probably thought about all of this. So...

Let me introduce myself. I’m Betsy Kent and I’m an online marketer, trainer, consultant and a specialist in business blogging and content marketing. I’ve been immersed in the world of internet marketing for twelve years with my agency, Be Visible.

I have developed a “proven successful” simple approach to online marketing for small businesses. It’s an approach that uses blogs as powerful marketing tools that magnetizes your website and attracts tons of your ideal clients and customers. I use this approach for my business and for my clients’ businesses. And now I teach it.

I know that my approach is effective because my my blogs deliver a consistent flow of qualified leads every single month.

I know that my approach is effective because I have a student who tripled her revenue this January!

I know that my approach is effective because I have a client who has tracked over $250,000 in new business using my method.

Just today I picked up the phone and spoke to a perfect-fit client who hired me because she found one of my blogs. She already trusts me.

In case you’re wondering: blogging for business is marketing in the most useful and helpful way. 

Would being found by hundreds (if not thousands) of your ideal clients customers when they need you most have a positive impact on your business right now?

If so, let’s talk about Blog School. Blog School is my baby. It’s a virtual course led by me where you learn how to create delicious, compelling, money-attracting blog posts for your website and then...drum roll learn how to strategically get them in front of the people you want to attract using social media and email.

The curriculum revolves around one inherent truth: when you know exactly whom you want to attract; when you identify that person in minute detail; when you laser focus on that person in your marketing; wonderful things begin happen. This is my Ideal Client Identification Formula (the first three modules).

Once you have “nailed” your ideal client prototype (you’ll even know what brand of car she drives), I will teach you how to develop your own content marketing strategy so you attract them. Yes, I said attract! You stay still and they come to you. (Because your perfect clients and customers are on the web right now, looking for you.)

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to use free tools on the web to find out what your ideal clients and customers are actually searching for and how they search (the exact words).
  • How to optimize blogs so they will show up on Google and Yahoo.
  • How to choose the perfect images for your blogs and social media.
  • How to read your website analytics so you know exactly what’s working (and what’s not).


I believe in getting more from less. I’ll teach you how to re-purpose all content you already have and your new content, too. For example, one student had to write a two-part article for a magazine. Together we took that article and created 5 blogs and over 50 social media updates. All from one article! You may have content lying around gathering dust. If you do, we’ll use it.

And you’ll get tons of personal attention, too. Blog School is not’s a live, interactive, super fun and valuable real course. And two private creative sessions with me are included.

The 10 live modules include the Ideal Client Identification Formula, How to find out what keywords to use and where to use them in your blogs; how to make Google love your website and deliver it to the people who need you most (when they need you most); how to use social media updates to drive people to your website, how to create a community of followers who love your content and who will fall in love with you, how to create freebies and calls to action that work (and you can measure), and more.

And, because I know that your brain is not a computer...

You get tons of resources, templates, checklists and full access to my video how-to library. I don’t cut the apron strings and send you out into the blogosphere all alone.

You’ll never really be out there alone because after graduation, you will become a member of The Visibility Lab, a private group where I will keep you up to date on big changes to the web and where you can get emergency help if you need it.

Who this is for:

  • You have embraced the internet but you know you’re not hitting the mark.
  • You’re need to be successful and stay relevant, but you want guidance on your marketing.
  • You don’t have time to sort out all the confusing tips from marketing “gurus” or test every new platform that comes down the pike.
  • You need someone who will take the time to understand you, your business, your goals...and someone who’s got your back!

What’s the return on your investment?

Through Blog School:

  • You feel a profound shift in the way you think about your business, talk about your business, and market your business.
  • You know that your content speaks to the needs and emotions of your ideal clients and customers, attracts them to your website, and guides them from simple interest to a deep engagement with you and your services.
  • You understand how search engines find and distribute websites and you know how to get found.
  • You possess the skills to invest the minimum amount of work to get the maximum amount of visibility.

You understand how to use the web to position your business as a player in your field and yourself as thought leader. Your website conveys it, your social media conveys it, and your emails convey it. Your skills will even get stronger as time goes on.

You can spend another year posting stuff on Facebook without being sure why you’re even doing it. You can wait and watch as other businesses move into the positions where you should be. Or you can let me help you attract the people who will immediately see value in what you have to offer and who are able and willing to buy...from you!

One more time, here’s what’s included:

  • 8 live virtual modules and 2 bonus modules that will show you how to create irresistible blog posts to attract your ideal clients and customers.
  • 2 private creative sessions with me to be used for anything, from Ideal Client help to website content advice. And there is no expiration date on them!
  • Tips, tools and my own secret strategies on how to blog just enough to make an impact, and re-use your blogs over and over again for years.
  • Worksheets, checklists and my full video “How-To” library that will be yours to refer back to again and again.
  • Membership in The Visibility Lab to get my help even after you graduate.

Questions? Here are some answers:

So, when does this start?

The next session Blog School Fall 2016 begins on Oct. 6, 2016.

What if I can’t make it to every class?

No problem. Each module is recorded and posted on a private Vimeo channel within hours of each class. Going on vacation? No worries! Want to review the class later on? Just click.

What if I don’t love learning in a group?

No problem. Take the course as a private client.

What if I’m just getting my business started?

No problem. In fact, if I knew what you’re going to learn in Blog School when I first got started, I’d probably be retired by now!

What if I just want to talk about Blog School but not be “sold”?

No problem. Just click on the box and set up a call with me. If the program is not perfectly aligned with what you need right now, you’ll know!

And here’s my special sauce...

Blog School classes are about you, your business, and your industry. Each session is designed around the businesses that are enrolled. You’ll easily be able to apply your new knowledge to your own business.

Can You Wait?

The plans are to raise the fee in September, so this is your chance to get all the value, all the personal attention and all my money-attracting marketing wisdom at a fee that won’t be offered again, ever. Talk to me before Aug. 31!



Together, let’s figure out if
Blog School is for you.

attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

Blog School is perhaps the single best thing we've ever done for our business and ourselves!

- Alan & Julie Ross, Alan Ross Photography, Santa Fe, NM

attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Liz Glasgow

My very first blog  post after taking this course generated more publicity than any for the past three years.

- Liz Glasgow, The White Cabinet, Greenport, NY

Liz Glasgow

Betsy makes it fun, challenging and rewarding. Working as a group with the other "students" magnifies the experience because you have the benefit of hearing other angles and questions that also pertain to you! It is definitely getting the juices flowing....In fact, I can see results in the focus and quality of my blogs from the comments and potential new clients that are attracted to my website. I cannot recommend Betsy and her brilliant class.... enough!

- Marilyn Sygrove, Sygrove Associates Design Group, New York, NY

attract your ideal client, betsy kent
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Debra Boulanger

Whether you are a one woman show, or leading a mature enterprise, Betsy has the strategic vision and practical know-how to help you leverage the multitude of social and interactive marketing tools to grab the attention of your audience.

- Debra Boulanger, GVP End User Programs Marketing, Gartner; founder of “The Great Do-Over”

Angela Jacobus

Betsy showed me how to transform one idea into many blog posts and gave me hands-on help to implement them. And her explanation of SEO is the most clear and practical I've ever heard.

- Angela Jacobus, Travel That Matters, Portland, OR

attract your ideal client, betsy kent
attract your ideal client, betsy kent

Elizabeth England

After attending to Blog School, I implemented a schedule for blog posting that has been awesome for our growth. Any company that wants to implement a digital strategy or program would be wise to consult with Betsy ASAP!

- Elizabeth England, Marketing Director, Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

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