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Get Totally Clear About
Your Ideal Clients

If you're determined to skyrocket your profits in the next 12 months, this unique method could be just what you're looking for.

My process is the outcome of fifteen years of helping businesses get totally clear about their ideal clients and turn that knowledge into profits. If you've gone through an ideal client discovery process before, I promise it was not as useful as mine.

I help you uncover the words that will emotionally connect to your most valuable prospects and incorporate those words into your brand.

The result?

They listen to you!

Course Highlights:

  • Nail the identity of your most valuable clients
  • Create ideal client prototypes that keep you focused
  • Develop your company's irresistible value proposition
  • Craft your unique marketing message
  • Compose a brilliant elevator speech for networking

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A Website That Sells Your
Services As Brilliantly As You Do


Your website has to stand in for you when you can't be there in person. It has to grab people emotionally and tell them that you understand their problem, can solve it, and promise to do so. All in less than six seconds.

I am trained as a conversion copywriter. Conversion copywriting is a science-based technique that is data-driven and designed to get your ideal prospects to say...yes.

In this process, I uncover your ideal clients' actual thought processes and use their words in your copy. Your website becomes a sales conversation that produces results (instead of just sitting there).

Here are three recent website copywriting projects I've led. Notice how in each one, the copy becomes a conversation with the user:

Boerger Consulting

Sygrove Associates Design Group

Michael Sinkin DDS

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Guidance, Support & Craft

People who are most attracted to my work face a ton of competition. They can tell you why you should buy from them, but their websites don't. 

If that's you, we might be a good match.

I will get you totally clear about your ideal clients and uncover the exact words and phrases that are going to deeply connect with them on your website, in your blogs, on social, in emails...and in your elevator speech.

What's the result?

Not just more clients - the right clients!

You Have A Successful
Business That's Growing

  • You've set challenging goals.
  • Your competitors have become more aggressive.
  • You need your business to stand out.
  • You value proven processes and methods.

Do you think we should chat? Give me a call at 917-710-3074 or shoot me an email at


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