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My unique approach to marketing is the culmination of thirteen years as a digital marketer. During that time I created a formula and process that got my clients totally clear about their ideal customers in precise detail. This enabled them to consistently craft marketing messages that make an immediate emotional connection with their customers.

I call it the "OMG, this company gets me!" factor.

This customer-centric approach enables you to focus your time, energy and advertising dollars on the exact people who see immediate value in what you offer - and are willing and able to pay for it.

I'm honored to say that my process has been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for my clients because they actually attract their ideal customers.

Hire me to help you identify your ideal customer, develop your value proposition, create the stickiest website content you've ever had, the most engaging emails you've ever sent, or...the best elevator speech you've ever uttered.

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Are You My Ideal Customer?

We're a great match if you fit into one of these two categories:

  1. You Have A Successful Businesses That's Growing

    You've hit and surpassed the five year mark. Congratulations!

    You've set lofty goals for the next five. And everything rests on acheiving them.In your excitement about the next iteration of your company, you realize that the marketing messaging, which helped you get where you are, just doesn't feel right anymore.

    Your success is a result of hard work and determination. But now you must attract more of your ideal customers to meet your goals.

    I work with people like you.

    I'll help you dig deep and focus on your most ideal customers. We'll create messaging designed to make an immediate connection with them on your website, in your marketing, during your networking.

    People who are attracted to my work are doctors, interior designers, coaches, law firms, psychologists, financial advisors, photographers, even some manufacturers. Each of them face a lot of competition and need to articulate why customers should buy from them rather than their competitors.

    If you fit this profile, I'll help you get totally clear about your ideal customers, uncover the words that connect with them, and infuse those words into your messaging - so you get more qualified leads.

  2. You Left The Corporate World To Become An Entrepreneur

    You're finished with the corporate rat race. You served your time, survived ups and downs, and gained a ton of experience.Now you're ready to do your own your own boss.

    In your former life, tasks such as developing value propositions and crafting website content were someone else's responsibility.But it's all on you now. And failure is not in your vocabulary.

    I can help you find your ideal customers, discover how to attract them and the words to use to connect with them - fast.

    You don't have time to waste throwing a lot of mud at the wall to see what sticks. I'll help you put together a strategy so you can get you started on the upside.

    Check out my Ideal Customer may be just what you need!


Website Copywriting

You're all excited about your next big leap and then - Pow! The website question comes up. Your designer wants copy and you're not a writer. Your developer has questions and you don't have answers. How are you supposed to know what to do? On top of it, you're really nervous that you're not going to love what you get. That sure takes the wind out of your sails, right?

Don't be afraid - help is here. Need incredible website content that sticks? I'll show you how to put a human voice to your brand that will make your ideal customers know they're in the right place. Need a designer or developer? I'll put together a great team that fits your needs. Just need guidance? I'm your gal.

Recent Website Projects

Prospects and potential customers will check you out before they contact you or take action (even when your business is recommended). They want to know who you are and what you're going to do for them. I'll show you how to put your ideal customer first on your website, marketing and networking. I'll show you how to be irresistible.

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