My Services

I work with brands and entrepreneurs who want to get qualified leads and reach big goals in their businesses. My unique approach to marketing is the culmination of 12 years as a digital marketing consultant. I have created a formula and process that will get you totally clear about your ideal customers in precise detail. It enables you to consistently craft messages that make an immediate emotional connection with those ideal customers and makes them think, "OMG! This company gets me!".

People who use my ideal customer-centric approach can focus their time, energy and advertising dollars on connecting with, engaging and attracting the exact people who see immediate value in what they offer - and who are willing and able to pay for it.

My clients get better leads and generate more revenue (much more easily) after working with me because I know how to put a human voice to a brand. Hire me to help you create the stickiest website content you've ever had. Or the most engaging emails you've ever sent. Or...the best elevator speech you've ever uttered.

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Ideal Customer
Identification & Messaging

This private consulting program is for you if you are:

  • A new entrepreneur who wants to jump out of the gate on the right track (and just can't fathom failure).
  • A seasoned entrepreneur and you're tired of flip-flopping about your ideal customer - and you're  ready to take a big leap - right  now.

This is the only program of its kind and was 12 years in the making. If you fit either description above, link here to get some details.

Website Consulting & Guidance

You're all excited about your next big leap and then - Pow! The website question comes up. Your designer wants copy and you're not a writer. Your developer has questions and you don't have answers. How are you supposed to know what to do? On top of it, you're really nervous that you're not going to love what you get. That sure takes the wind out of your sails, right?

Don't be afraid - help is here. Need incredible website content that sticks? I'll show you how to put a human voice to your brand that will make your ideal customers know they're in the right place. Need a designer or developer? I'll put together a great team that fits your needs. Just need guidance? I'm your gal. Read more.

Prospects and potential customers will check you out before they contact you or take action (even when your business is recommended). They want to know who you are and what you're going to do for them. I'll show you how to put your ideal customer first in your website, marketing and networking. I'll show you how t be irresistible.

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