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Attract Your Ideal Customer

If you're determined to skyrocket your profits in the next 12 months, this private course may be just what you're looking for.

It took 15 years and a lot of trial and error, but I've perfected a process and formula that gets you totally clear about your ideal customers. And I go way deeper than just demographics.

I'll help you uncover the language to deeply connect to your most valuable prospects and then incorporate those words into your they listen!

Course Highlights:

  • Nail the identity of your most valuable customers
  • Create ideal customer prototypes that keep you focused
  • Develop your company's irresistible value proposition
  • Craft your unique marketing message
  • Compose a brilliant elevator speech for your networking
  • Craft remarkable marketing copy for your website

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Website Copywriting

Wanna sell more stuff, get more patients, sign up more clients? Then your website must tell your ideal customers that you totally get them.

I develop website copy that emotionally connects with those people who need you most. And my technique ensures that valuable referrals actually call you when they go online to check you out (because you know they do!).

Let me show you how I use your customers' actual words in copy - for websites that perfectly represent you when you can't be there yourself.

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elevator pitch, elevator speech, betsy kent, be visibleElevator Speech Training

You're at a networking event and someone says, "What do you do?" and you freeze.

What you need is a couple of lines that fall trippingly off your tongue and clearly articulate what you do, who you do it for, and why you are the best choice.

Let me teach you how to monetize the networking you do. If you're in BNI, belong to a Chamber of Commerce, or just want to stop freezing up, this training is for you!

Private training and group workshops are available.

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Get Visible On Google

Folks, I've been working in digital marketing since Yahoo and Google launched paid search advertising. Since then nothing has worked as well and as fast as the new Google My Business platform.

Google gives every business a listing for free. But when your listing is properly optimized and managed, massive improvement in Google visibility is achieved at a low cost.

Do you want your ideal prospects to find you quickly? Do want them to find you, even if they don't already know your name?

Let me show you how your Google listing can make your business more visible - and how to display stellar reviews from your happiest customers.

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Are You An Ideal Customer For Me?

We're A Great Match if:

You Have A Successful Businesses
& It's Growing

You've hit and surpassed the five-year mark. Congratulations!

You've set lofty goals for the next five to ten years. And everything rests on achieving them. In your excitement about the next iteration of your company, you realize your marketing message doesn't feel right anymore.

Now you need more ideal customers to meet your goals. I work with people like you.

I'll help you dig deep and completely understand your most ideal customers. Together, we'll create marketing that makes an immediate connection with them. Turns prospects into customers.

And customers into raving fans.

People who are most attracted to my work face a lot of competition and know they need to better articulate why customers should buy from them - rather than their competitors.

If you fit this profile, let's talk about getting you totally clear about your ideal customers, uncover the words that connect with them, and infuse those words into your marketing - to you get you more qualified leads.

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You Left A Good Job
To Become An Entrepreneur


You served your time, survived the ups and downs, and gained a ton of experience. You're finally finished with the rat race.

You want to do your own thing. Be your own boss.

In your former life, developing value propositions, crafting website content, posting social media posts and blogs...well, they were someone else's responsibility.

But now it's all on you now. And failure is not in your vocabulary.

I'll help you figure out your ideal prospect, how to attract them, and turn them into customers.

Listen, you don't have the luxury of time to waste throwing mud at the wall and waiting to see what sticks. I'll help you put together a strategy that will get you on the right path to success.

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Give me 30 mins and I’ll give you a tip about your ideal customer that will make a difference in your business right now. Schedule below:

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