Betsy Kent’s “Attract Your Ideal Customer”
A Unique Program
If You’re Self-Employed You Already Know
It’s Totally Up To You To Get New Customers
But You’re Still Having Trouble Getting People To Listen
To Your Business Story




You’re leaving money on the table if people
can’t figure out exactly what you do, who you do it for, 
and why you’re the best choice they can make.



Even if you’ve been in business for years, you would probably agree that you could be doing a better job of
attracting your ideal customers.

What if you had a system that gives you all the words
and phrases to make your customers
listen, remember, and act?

That’s what
Attract Your Ideal Customer
teaches you how to do. In just a few short sessions you will discover that you know so much more about your customers than you may think you do. And you'll have some amazing tools (to have forever) to not just help you find new customers, but
magically attract the most valuable customers.

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Here’s what one client has to say:


“My ideal client, now that I totally get her, moves
quickly through the like-know-trust continuum and
says, "Yes!" to the coaching journey with me. I now
close 80% of my enrollment conversations.”
- Renee Matlock, The Private Practice Coach


Every business, including yours, should have:


    • A robust list of magic power words and phrases that articulate what you do in a way that your ideal customers see immediate value and say, Yes!
    • A brilliant elevator speech that feels authentic, slides right off your tongue, and tells your customer that you “get” him or her and have the “fix” to their problem
    • Marketing and a website because that speaks directly and clearly to the people who need you most.



Here’s The Thing:

You can’t afford to spend precious hours laboring over how to talk about your products and services (over and over again).

Attract Your Ideal Customer Saves Time


“I used to have trouble explaining my consulting
business but now clients actually listen and respond.
We're working on my website and I feel it all coming
together. I only wish I had met Betsy sooner.”
- Karen Herdina, Operational Performance Success



There are 39 specific characteristics to identify to really know your customer and get inside his or her head.

But don’t worry.

Attract Your Ideal Customer guides you gently through a process and formula that will change the way you think about your business. Over 100 businesses are using the system. It doesn’t matter if your company sells direct to consumers or if you sell to businesses, the system is the same.


“I now have the critical keys to market directly to my
most ideal of ideal clients, and then tie it all together in my online and offline marketing so I'm always speaking from the same side of my mouth. The return on investment from your program is unshakable.”
Nadine Nicholson, Elite Business Coach


Attract Your Ideal Customer



Identify Your Ideal Customers

You’ll use my super-secret (proprietary, even) no-fail system to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before and identify the exact people who see immediate value in what you do…
and are willing and able to pay for it!

Build Your Ideal Customer Prototype(s)

You’ll use your real-people models to focus your time, energy and dollars to build your Business Promotion Foundation. You will know exactly what your customers are looking for, what matters most to them, and where you can find them.



Generate Your Power Words

Build a full catalog of THE magic words and phrases that instantly connect with your ideal customers because it’s how they describe (verbatim) their problem and what they want more than anything in the as it relates to your business. Power Words get your ideal customers to listen, remember, and act!

Craft A Brilliant Elevator Speech

Using your Power Words, you’ll craft a new elevator speech that will fall trippingly off your tongue, feel authentic, and work every time.  You’ll never stumble through an intro again.



Answer The Big Question - Why?

Using a proven methodology you will define your value so clearly you can answer the question: “If I’m your ideal customer, why should I buy from you instead of one of your competitors?”



Construct Your Brand Promise

Your brand promise is a BOLD statement on your website that makes your ideal customers know, in a split second, that you can solve their problem and there is no need to look any further.

Update Your Home Page & About Page

Your website must be able to stand in for you when you can’t be there. In this final session, you’ll learn how to align the two most important pages on your website with the needs and wants of your ideal customer.

This Is The Only Program Of Its Kind Out There

Attract Your Ideal Customer 

is the only program that gets you totally clear about your ideal customers and uncovers the words and phrases guaranteed to make them listen, remember, and act.


betsy kent

I’m Betsy Kent, your instructor. I’ve spent over 20 years as an advertising and digital marketing professional. I have advanced training in copywriting and value proposition development.

I am uniquely qualified to walk you through the process of defining and articulating your company’s value and services in the way your ideal customers can’t wait to buy from you.


"This program is perhaps the single best thing we've
ever done for our business and ourselves.”
Alan & Julie Ross, Alan Ross Photography

Attract Your Ideal Customer
Private Consulting & Training
For Super-Motivated Entrepreneurs

"Perfect For You If You're Up Against
Big Goals,
Adding New Services or
Revising Your Business Plan"

      • Deep Dive Training 
      • 9 Private Sessions with Betsy Kent
      • In-Person or by Video Conference
      • Start Any Time


Online Self-Paced Training Course
Perfect for New Entrepreneurs

      • Self-Paced Course - Get Totally Clear About Your Ideal Client
      • Six Pre-Recorded Lessons
      • Worksheets and Practice Forms
      • Link here to get the details

Feeling like this could change your business for the better?
But not sure if you want to make a commitment right now?
Here’s the no-risk guarantee:

If, after two sessions you feel this program is not for you,
just send me an email and I’ll refund your full investment,
no questions asked!





Set up a 30-minute conversation with me and I’ll tell you something about your ideal customer you have never thought about. Even if you decide not to sign up for the program…the call is absolutely free.


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