Hello, I’m Betsy Kent, the founder of
Be Visible, and my story begins with men’s pants...


Let me explain. I grew up in a retail family. Our business was a menswear store in the beautiful metropolis of Akron, Ohio. When I was a child I just loved hanging out at the store. I guess business is in my blood.

My dad and uncle believed in advertising. My father told me that the only way to grow a thriving business was to consistently attract new customers. Nothing like being indoctrinated at an early age, right?

One day the store ran a newspaper ad with the headline “Instant Pants.” The deal was this: a customer could buy a pair of pants and they would be fitted and altered at once...at no extra charge. Voila...Instant Pants!

Immediately after the ad came out the store had its biggest moneymaking week in company history. It was like magic. Instant Pants started my lifelong fascination with how the right combination of words and images can influence human behavior.

I launched Be Visible almost ten years ago. I've managed multi-million dollar ad budgets and helped small businesses grow their revenues by millions of dollars. And the biggest lesson I learned is this: if you want be incredibly successful as a coach, consultant, or one-on-one service provider - you must be as compelling online as you are offline. I created a formula to get you totally clear about your ideal client so you can create messaging that makes an immediate and powerful connection with that person.

Ready to crush your goals?

3 Things About Me

  • I know that you're not a geek - incredibly patient
  • I am a natural teacher and I love what I do
  • I recently moved from NYC to Kentucky (you'll have to ask me how that happened!)

Make your business irresistible - infuse your ideal client into everything you do. I'll show you how...


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