The 5 Most Valuable Social Media Tips From Feb. 2015

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Greetings from the winter wonderland of Sag Harbor, NY. I’m using this opportunity to stay inside and pull together most useful social media tips that came across my screen in February, just for you!


Social media is fast-moving and rapidly evolving and if you don’t keep up, your marketing will suffer. It’s part of my mission to decipher, decode and deliver to you the most valuable tips to make your marketing easier. And I know you don’t have the time to read a zillion Internet marketing blogs every day, so I read them for you!

1) Now’s The Time To Test Another Social Media Site For Your Business

The amount of people using more than one social media site increased significantly in 2014 . Facebook is still home base with 71% of Internet users but more and more people are using a second platform on a regular basis. So how do you choose the second best social media site for your efforts?

Here’s a handy guide on who is using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram:


2) Be Funny

Sometimes it’s a challenge to produce content for social media that stands out. Here’s an idea: use some humor! But before you start heed these important rules: make sure the humor is relevant to your business, won’t be offensive to anyone in your community, and that it’s easy for most people to understand. In other words, “inside jokes” may confuse or turn-off your fans and followers.

Here’s an example of a humorous graphic that is totally relevant for the audience of a social media agency:

funny social media,, social media tips





3) Post On LinkedIn Once a Day

If LinkedIn is important for your business, research indicates that you should post approximately 20 times to reach 60% of your audience.


4) Send A Nice Little Note To Your Email List

If your inbox is overflowing with business messaging you are not alone. You likely get tons of blogs and invitations for webinars and events every single day (including the ones coming from me!). And that’s what your clients and prospects likely get, as well.

Here’s an idea. How about sending just a nice “how are you? or a “do you need anything from my end?” or “how can I serve you?” to your list or a selected segment of your list? An email that shows you are more than just a marketer can open up an entirely new conversation and may actually lead to collaboration or new business.


5) Hurry Up And Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

You may not be aware that LinkedIn offers company pages in addition to personal profiles. Forbes recently reported that LinkedIn company page usage increased from 24% to 57% in 2014. The big takeaway here is that Google indexes LinkedIn so having a company page can actually increase your business’ overall visibility.

Here’s how to create your company page on LinkedIn:

Want more tips? Let me know what you would like me to cover right here on my Facebook page (I listen!):




Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

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