4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Free Advertising For Your Business

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Of all the marketing tactics that I’ve used over the years for my own business and for my clients, blogging has by far proven to be the most effective. But at the beginning, to many of my clients, the mere idea of writing a blog seems like an impossible task. But once I answer the inevitable questions such as “What could I write about?” and “Who would want to read my blog?” it starts making sense.


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While doing some research for an online class about blogging recently I discovered some amazing facts. Some of my clients are experiencing staggering numbers of visitors to their websites and they are the clients who blog! The numbers are greater than I ever expected. And, aside from a tiny bit of money invested by someone in promoting their blogs on Facebook, it’s all been absolutely free.


If you haven’t already discovered the power of blogging for your business, here are 4 perfectly great reasons to consider it:


  1. If you write your own blog posts, your investment is only your time.
  2. Every time someone shares your blog post to his or her community, your content becomes magnified.
  3. A highly shared blog post drives lots of traffic to your website.
  4. And that popular post has a much better chance of appearing as a result on Google when someone is searching for the information that your post supplies.



Check out some of the numbers that astounded me (especially the last one!). Not one of these businesses spent more than a few bucks, if anything at all, to achieve this level of visits:


 blogging, website traffic


So, before you get out your credit card to pay for Google ads, think about blogging first. Remember…Google loves popular websites that get lotsof traffic. Your blog can get you lots of Google love!


Want help with blogging for your business? Check out “Get Your Blog Done!” which is my step-by-step formula to turn your website into a client magnet. Info here.


– Betsy

Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

I've guided hundreds of clients through my signature process and formula and as a result, they’ve generated millions of dollars in new business revenue with more ease and confidence than ever before. THE CHANGE IS MILLIONS.

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