4 Big Reasons To Blog For Your Business

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Hello to all you brilliant entrepreneurs out there – you are so lucky! Why? Because your website makes it possible to market your business to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. Did you realize that your website was that powerful?


But I know that it can all be very overwhelming. First you have to think about Google; should you run ads or opt for Search Engine Optimization? Then you want to use Social Media…but how do you choose which platforms to use? And then, what do you post on them? Oh, and you’re supposed to blog, too? Really? It’s a lot for anyone to manage whose first priority is running a business! Believe me, I feel your pain!


I want to share with you why blogging is the most reliable and cost effective way to use the web to build your business and it answers many of those nagging questions that you have about marketing. So take a moment to run through these four big reasons to blog for your business and let me know if you’re convinced!

Business Blogging Is One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Market Online


1) It Provides Content For Social Media:

When you create helpful, useful, and informative blog posts, you have an endless supply of wonderful content to post on Social Media. Your blogs that don’t have an “expiration date” (in other words, posts that can be relevant over a long period of time, or even forever) are called “evergreen content.” You can share your evergreen content over and over and over again.  Why? Because everyone who follows you on Social Media won’t see what you post when you post it. And often someone wants to click and read your blog post, but he or she didn’t have time to read it at that moment. Also, if you are actively building your community of followers and fans, the new people haven’t been exposed to it at all yet.

2) It Brings More Visitors To Your Website:

When you write helpful, useful, and informative blog posts it will attract new visitors to your website whether they come from Social Media, from people who follow you, from your fans and followers sharing your content, and from your subscribers distributing your content through Social Media, email, etc. And, keep this nugget in mind: Google loves websites that get lots of visitors and research shows that people start with Google when they are searching for just about everything. So more visitors means more Google love, which means more visibility, which means more visits to your website, which means more Google love, etc., etc., etc.! It’s that simple.

3) It Attracts Your Ideal Clients And Customers:

You have a pretty good idea of “who” your ideal client is, right? If you keep that “person” in your head when you are planning your blog posts then the topics you write about will resonate with that ideal client. For example, let’s say you are an architect and your expertise is in large historic home renovations. Your ideal client is a wealthy couple with children, who are actively shopping for older homes in your area. Here are some examples of blog posts that would resonate with them: “5 Signs That An Older Home Is Right For Your Family” or “Does Your Older Home Have Good Bones? How To Tell” These topics speak directly to what your ideal clients are probably be struggling with and will introduce you to them as the architect who understands their needs. See how this works?

4) It Demonstrates Your Credibility:

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into being an expert in your field, but does your website convey your credibility and your expertise? It’s difficult to tell your story completely on your bio page, it would be too long and probably no one would read it all the way through. But your blog…that’s a different story! If you do it right, every blog post that you create will illustrate the fact that you know what you are doing and that you are the perfect choice to your ideal client. This is so important to convey to people who find you through Social Media or through Google, and especially those who have been referred to you because even word-of-mouth clients will check you out before they contact you. So if your blog posts make them confident they’re in the right place, they’ll be sold on you before you even meet!

Have I convinced you to start your blog? Yes? Here’s how to get more help and tips on blogging for your business:

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Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

I've guided hundreds of clients through my signature process and formula and as a result, they’ve generated millions of dollars in new business revenue with more ease and confidence than ever before. THE CHANGE IS MILLIONS.

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