3 Simple Steps to Content Marketing Brilliance

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Have you been blogging or using social media without results?

Are you tired of wasting your time and energy trying to figure it all out?

Is your website just sitting there, getting no visits and bringing you no new clients?

Betsy Kent GYBD shot unretouchedYour Instructor, Betsy Kent


I know that you want and need to know how to use the Internet to build your business.
And I also know that without some guidance, marketing on the web can be frustrating and, well…a time suck!


You have invested years to become the best you can be in your field, but marketing is not necessarily part of your skill set, right? Yet, you have a website, a Facebook page, maybe even a blog. And you really don’t know how to use them to get more clients and customers.


You’ve attended webinars and read some books, and all the while your website just sits there, getting hardly any visits and not helping your business at all!


Guess what? Sometimes all you need is a change in mindset and some simple strategies to use your own online content to grow your business. You just need some training! I’ve been using and teaching content marketing for a long, long time. I know how to give you the help you need in an easy, fun, and un-techie way.


Join me for this FREE CLASS where I’ll share some of my secrets to expanding your presence, attracting your people and super-charging your sales.



You will get:

  • Tips to help you develop an endless list of blog and social media topics that will attract your ideal clients and customers.
  • The latest info on who uses each major social media site and where your ideal clients and customers hang out.
  • Really simple ways to build your community so that you are communicating not with just a bunch of people, but with your people.


“With Betsy’s guidance I now know how to blog the right way and be much more attractive to the clients that I truly want to work with.”

deb boulanger

Debra Boulanger, Live A Whole Life

A LITTLE ABOUT ME I’m Betsy Kent, the president of Be Visible Associates. blogging, business blog, betsy kentIn the past nine years I have helped countless businesses become more visible on the web. I’ve managed dozens of online marketing campaigns, written hundreds of blog posts, and managed Social Media programs from the simple to the highly complex.

What’s more, I’ve taught many, many people the secrets of how the web really works. I’m not a teenager who grew up with the Internet…I’m just like you! And, I’ve heard over and over again from so many smart business people how they sometimes feel really stupid about the web. I want to change that.

If you think that content marketing is just for other people and not for you, then now’s the time to get smart. My FREE TRAINING is a great place to start!


“I was wasting precious hours trying to figure out how to blog. Betsy’s great tips gave me the tools I needed, and now I know what to write about and how to get my content out there.”

elizabeth beskinElizabeth Beskin, Fifth Avenue Digital

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