15 Great “Take Aways” from the Cool Twitter Conference NYC

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I attended the Cool Twitter Conference in NYC today. It was a really great group of people in a small venue that allowed a lot of sharing of ideas and getting to know each other. The speakers included a writer, a music exec, a mobile cupcake shop entrepreneur, the social media director of a popcorn manufacturer, and more (see link below for list of speakers). Each one of the speakers had a great story about how Twitter is an integral part of their growth.

Here are 15 “take-aways” that I think are worth sharing especially for any of you “newbies” who are just getting started.

  • Social Media is all about providing great content in order to promote your biz, because nobody likes to be “pitched.”
  • Being genuine and providing value is of utmost importance in all Social Media avenues.
  • Because a reciprocal relationship already exists on Twitter, you can get immediate feedback about your brand.
  • Social media drives conversions through brand awareness.
  • Social Media is the convergence of PR, customer service, and marketing.
  • Figure out what value you can offer your followers that no one is giving them now.
  • Social media is not a one-night stand…it’s a long-term commitment.
  • Make a list of your strengths and then figure out how to use them in your tweets.
  • How can you develop relationships on Twitter? Educate, Engage, and Entertain.
  • How does Social Media help business? People like working with people they trust and admire…you can gain trust & admiration through Social Media.
  • Use Twitter to find other businesses to collaborate with in related fields.
  • Twitter is the bridge; it’s all about the human connection.
  • There are visionaries and there are executors. Twitter is the bridge that links them.
  • Think about incorporating images into your Twitter streams, and video, too.
  • Fun is a critical component of Social Media!

The speakers at today’s conference were: (follow them!)

Lev Ekster
CEO The Cupcake Stop @Cupcake Stop

Alecia Dantico
Social Media Marketer @GarrettPopcorn

Cathy Scott
True Crime Author & Journalist @CathyScott

Stacy Cromidas
Scholar, Lawyer, Investor, Director, Volunteer, Facilitator
Supreme Court Network        @stacy_92037

Tamar Weinberg
Techipedia & Author of The New Community Rules (O’Reilly, July 2009) @tamar

Michele Mattia
Founder & Life Design Coach @lifes_dash

Scott Lackey
Co-Founder & Strategic Director
Jugular: A Communications & Content Creation Company @scottlackey

Elizabeth Beskin
Owner 5th Avenue Digital @photobiz

Michael Admani
President of A&R
A&R Mike Admani LLC @michaeladmani

Kevin Swanepoel
President The One Club @oneshow

I highly recommend Cool Twitter Conferences for anyone who is using Twitter or who is trying to figure it out. Check out the schedule at: http://www.cooltwitterconferences.com/

Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

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