11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn't Run Your Social Media

I had to share this article from Inc.com with you. It resonates with me especially because Be Visible has been in the position to help a number of our clients “clean up” Social Media programs and profiles that were set up by well-meaning, but inexperienced employees and interns.

Social Media may indeed be the world in which new college grads are hanging out, but without some solid business experience they are not prepared to take on the responsibility of representing a brand.


11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media

“Sure, she understands Instagram. But do you really want a new grad controlling your brand online?”

Click on the link to read the article: http://www.inc.com/hollis-thomases/social-media-dont-put-intern-in-charge.html

Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses to uncover exactly who their ideal customers really are, what they want more than anything else in the world, and the perfect words to use on their websites, in their marketing, and when they talk about their business. I've guided hundreds of clients through my signature process and formula, and as a result, they’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business revenue with more ease and confidence than ever before.

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