The Difference Between a Blog and a Newsletter

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…and do you need both?

If you’ve been publishing a newsletter every month for years, you’re probably wondering if you also need a blog. If you’ve been blogging, you may have asked yourself if you should also be sending out a newsletter. What’s the difference between a blog and a newsletter, anyway? When you look at the actual definitions, you find that they are actually two very different types of content and serve different purposes. And that’s in spite of the fact that they are both emailed out to a list.

Let me get this cleared up for you.

The Difference Between a Blog & a Newsletter – Definitions

What’s a Blog?

The word BLOG is actually short for WEBLOG. It’s a particular type of content that is presented on your website in chronological order. Your blog is meant to be an integral part of your website. Every blog you publish is visible whenever someone visits your site. Because strategic blogs can attract tons of your ideal customers from search engines and from social media, blogging is considered one of the smartest things you can do for your business today. So, what’s the role of a newsletter?

What’s a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a private communication between your business or organization and your email list. Typically, a newsletter contains company news and updates, special offers, coupons, and/or promotions. Think of your newsletter as having an “expiration date.”  The content is really only relevant for a short period of time. Plus, newsletters don’t live forever on your website the way blogs do. They are simply a communication. Some companies send out one big newsletter at the end of the year. Just as many send newsletters out quarterly or even on a monthly basis.

Do You Need Both?

If you have the time, using both blogs and newsletters can be a powerful combination. Think of your blog as a marketing tool that serves to attract and engage people who don’t already know you and your newsletter as a way to touch base with the people who do know you (such as your current or former customers) you can get a lot of mileage out of both.

So, now that you know the difference between a blog and a newsletter, are you going to do both?

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