Do This One Thing & You’ll Love Your Website

By Betsy | Nov 29, 2016
Do this one thing and you'll love your website, be visible, betsy kent

Do you love your website? One of the biggest issues that people come to me with is that they want to love their websites. But they don’t. Some of them even say they hate their site. It’s not always that they hate the the design. It’s not about the colors or the photos. In reality, those…

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5 Things You Must Know About Your Ideal Client

By Betsy Kent | Nov 18, 2016
ideal client be visible

For those who work in marketing at huge corporations, identifying a target market is the most important first step before the launch of any campaign or new product. This very important information forms the foundation of every aspect of a marketing strategy. But you, brave entrepreneur, don’t have a bahzillion dollar budget to create focus groups and hire branding agencies…

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How To Use Voice Typing To Write Enticing Website Content

By Betsy Kent | Nov 1, 2016
How To Use Voice Typing To Write Enticing Website Content

Remember those old movies where there was an office scene and the boss wanted to write a letter? All he had to do was say “Take this down!” and his secretary would take shorthand while the boss simply blurbed out what he wanted to say.  I always wanted to be that boss, especially a few months ago.…

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Why First Dates & Marketing Are A Lot Alike

By Betsy Kent | Oct 19, 2016
Why First Dates & Marketing Are A Lot Alike, Betsy Kent, Be Visible

  Imagine you’re on a first date and you are B.O.R.E.D. The appetizer arrives and you’re already dreaming about getting home to binge-watch your favorite show. Ughh. Those dates are painful. Why are most first dates so boring?  Because on first dates most people stick to neutral topics. No one wants to say something that…

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Elevator Speech Tips For Entrepreneurs

By Betsy Kent | Oct 15, 2016

  Have you ever become tongue-tied when someone asks, “So, what do you do?” Have you stumbled over your words then walked away feeling like you just botched a great business opportunity? In marketing-speak how you respond to that question is called your elevator speech. The only thing stopping you from taking advantage of those quick…

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The Secret To Using LinkedIn For Blogging To Expand Your Reach

By Betsy Kent | Oct 4, 2016

  LinkedIn is a super powerful platform for B2B companies, yet most businesses are only scratching the surface of how to use it for marketing. But hey, we’re busy! But here’s a secret you may not know: when you use LinkedIn for blogging you can reach a lot of people who you are connected with, but who…

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How To Get Your Website To Show Up On Google – For Small Businesses

By Betsy Kent | Sep 7, 2016

If you’re wondering how to get your website to show up on Google, you’re not alone. More than half of all buying decisions start with Google for consumer and business purchases. Google is our encyclopedia, how-to manual, and international Yellow Pages all wrapped into one. It’s natural that every business wants to show up on Google.…

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What’s the Difference Between a Tagline and a Brand Promise?

By Betsy Kent | Aug 31, 2016
what's the difference between a tagline and a brand promise, betsy kent, blog school, be visible

The best way to differentiate your business from the pack is to be crystal clear about your marketing message. But what does that mean? Do you need a tagline? Do you need a brand promise? And what is the difference between a tagline and a brand promise? Let’s get this cleared up… The Difference Between a Tagline…

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3 Steps To Develop A Brand Promise for Your Small Business

By Betsy Kent | Aug 24, 2016

One 20th of a second. That’s how much time we have to convince our ideal client that she’s in the right place when she lands on our website. Yes, attention spans have become that short! I’ve been an internet marketer for over ten years and if I could give every small business just one piece of advice, it would be this: Develop…

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What is a Brand Promise & Does Your Small Business Need One?

By Betsy Kent | Aug 17, 2016
what is a brand promise, blog school, ideal client, betsy kent, be visible

What is a brand promise, you ask? A brand promise is the statement of your company’s unique value and the benefits of doing business with you. It conveys to your ideal client why your business is his or her perfect choice. And it’s a pledge that you will fulfill your promise. A strong brand promise…

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