How To Find Out If People Are Visiting Your Website From Their Phone

By Betsy Kent | Mar 22, 2017
People Visiting Your Website From Their Phone Be Visible

I just got back from a whirlwind week in New York City. The occasion was my 14-year old niece’s first visit to the Big Apple. Having lived there for many years, I am the perfect NYC tour guide. And a perfect NYC tour guide spends a lot of time in the subway. This is cool:…

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Do You Have a Narcissistic Website?

By Betsy Kent | Mar 8, 2017
Do you have a narcissistic website, betsy kent, be visible

Today I’m going to ask you to think about your website for a minute. Yes, your website. That pesky little window into your business that is sometimes neglected, but always there – trying desperately to make a connection between you and your ideal client. So, how’s it working out for you and your website? Not so…

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5 Things You Can Do To Eliminate Confusion on Your Website

By Betsy | Feb 21, 2017
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When I first got started in the Internet marketing biz I heard someone utter a profound statement about how important it is to eliminate confusion on your website. It hass been my mantra ever since: Confusion Wins Over Persuasion Every Time It means this: no matter how beautiful your website looks or how masterfully you’ve created your content, if…

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The Hidden Gold In Your Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews

By Betsy Kent | Feb 8, 2017
hidden gold in client testimonials, betsy kent, be visible, ideal client

Here’s a great tip that I just had to share with you – and it has to do with the gold hidden in your client testimonials. One of my clients is a highly accomplished interior designer. The project we have undertaken together is to update her website so it will connect more powerfully with her ideal clients.…

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Identifying Your Ideal Client – 3 Surprising Reasons Why It’s So Hard

By Betsy Kent | Jan 30, 2017
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Hello, brave entrepreneur! Today, I’m going to give you some tips on identifying your ideal client. Over the past ten years I’ve worked with tons of small businesses. And during that time, I discovered that nearly all of them had skipped one of the most important steps in building a company – identifying their ideal client (or customer).…

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The Fun Trick That Will Get You Blogging Again

By Betsy Kent | Jan 11, 2017
fake phone call trick, be visible, blogging, betsy kent

    I hope you had a great holiday season. I had a wonderful time going to all kinds of parties and events in my new town of Covington, Kentucky and nearby Cincinnati. People here love to celebrate! So, how’s business? Lots of folks I’ve been talking this week are in the midst are figuring out how…

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This is Not a List of Tips for 2017

By Betsy Kent | Jan 3, 2017
tips for 2017, betsy kent, be visible

  Every year when January 1st rolls around the internet simply explodes: How to be healthier this year, How to be wealthier this year, You must follow this advice, Don’t ever follow this advice, How to break free of your insecurities, How to make resolutions, Don’t ever make resolutions, and, of course, How to do…

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Lost in Space? 5 Great Tips To Make Your Blogs Findable On Google

By Betsy Kent | Dec 14, 2016
blogs findable on Google, Betsy Kent, Be Visible

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time writing blogs and then they just sit there on your website and do nothing for your bottom line? Well, guess what? They can be powerful marketing tools – and there’s a lot you can do to make your blogs findable on Google and get the sales process going while you’re working on other…

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Do This One Thing & You’ll Love Your Website

By Betsy | Nov 29, 2016
Do this one thing and you'll love your website, be visible, betsy kent

Do you love your website? One of the biggest issues that people come to me with is that they want to love their websites. But they don’t. Some of them even say they hate their site. It’s not always that they hate the the design. It’s not about the colors or the photos. In reality, those…

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5 Things You Must Know About Your Ideal Client

By Betsy Kent | Nov 18, 2016
ideal client be visible

For those who work in marketing at huge corporations, identifying a target market is the most important first step before the launch of any campaign or new product. This very important information forms the foundation of every aspect of a marketing strategy. But you, brave entrepreneur, don’t have a bahzillion dollar budget to create focus groups and hire branding agencies…

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